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2017 11 30

05:00Canadian Finance Minister Admits Selling Stock but Denies It Was Because He Knew Tax Hikes were Bearish
WaPo Reporter Caught On Hidden Camera Being A Bit Too Honest; Admits “No Evidence” Of Trump-Russia Collusion
Eliminating the State and Local Tax Deduction Is a Terrible Idea
Millennials Saved Thanksgiving Weekend
07:00Is The Left Self-Destructing, Or Is Something Else Going On?
09:00High-End Real Estate Starting to Enter Crash Mode
'The money is just sitting there...doing nothing for society'
US Gross National Debt Jumps $723 billion in 12 Weeks, Yellen 'Very Worried about Sustainability of US Debt Trajectory'
The US Aristocracy’s Smear-Russia Campaign: Big Brother At Work
Frankfurt: 20 New Residential Skyscrapers Are Being Built To Meet Brexit Demand
29/11/17: Four Omens of an Incoming Markets Blowout
11:0029/11/17: China vs U.S. – the WTO Fight
Savings Rate Ticks Higher As Income Growth Hits 2 Year Highs
Nobel Laureate Stiglitz Says Bitcoin Should Be 'Outlawed'
US Retail Companies Have a Massive Bill to Pay Come 2018
13:00US GDP QoQ Grows At 3.3% Pace, Fastest Since 2014 (Equipment Purchases Lead The Way) - Yield Curve 10Y-2Y Steepens
WTI Slumps Despite OPEC ‘Deal’ As Russia Questions Remain
Which Snowflake Will Trigger the Financial Avalanche?
“It Could Reshape The Global Trading System For Decades” – US Rejects China’s Bid For “Market Economy” Status
15:00Breslow: “The Answer To This Question Will Drive Just About Everything”
Fed’s Most-Watched Inflation Indicator Ticks Up In October – Still Well Below Mandate
Bubble Anatomy 101
Trump Sparks Outrage In UK With “Truculent Tweet” To Theresa May After Retweeting Far-Right Videos
17:00Chicago PMI Drops From 6 Year Highs As New Orders Slow
19:00Core Inflation (PCE) Rises To 1.44% YoY Ahead of Fed's December Meeting (Prob of Rate Hike Is 98.3%)
BMO Sees Risk Of Curve Inverting “As Early As March 2018”
21:00The ECB Comes Clean On Rising Rates and the Coming Systemic Reset
What Wall Of Worry? US Equity Investors Are The Most Levered-Long Since Brexit
US Household Debt Is Rising 60% Faster Than Wages, And One Rating Agency Is Worried
Inflation Surges as Economy Bogs Down in Mexico
We Give Up! Government Spending And Deficits Soar Pretty Much Everywhere
“A Potential Nightmare Scenario For The GOP”: Tax Vote Delayed To Friday; May Include $350BN In New Tax Hikes