The following leads are suggested for those interested in precious metals.

Resource Description
Precious Metals Daily Summaries
Introducing the Précis Du Jour, which gives you access to the most recent data in tables & interactive charts. Get the latest Spot prices, ETF statistics, US Mint sales, COMEX/CME warehouse activity, Daily Delivery (Issues & Stops) data, precious metals Futures and the latest CFTC Commitment of Traders (COT) stats. And MUCH more!
Charts from the World Wide Web
Look-up key financial data & charts, using this cataloging feature, which references resources from around the web.
Key Financial Events
Here you will find an economic event calendar which shows the global events happening around the world. Events such as the Fed’s FOMC meetings usually have an impact on markets. Savvy investors will want to keep an eye on these events.
Various articles on subjects related to precious metals, economic activity, markets and things that might affect the psychology of the markets.
A collection of videos conveying interesting observations on (geo-)politics, economics and history.
Recommended Reading A list of books recommended for readers interested in a wider view of the global economy and the histories that got us here.
Main-Stream News
A small sample of main-stream news feeds.
Useful links for further information on precious metals and world events.
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