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Cut/Paste the short-code segments below into your own web pages.  These little widgets are available, free of charge, to the public.


Precious Metals Précis

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Precious Metals Précis.

Get all the most current precious metals market statistics as well as the most recent and popular headlines and news feeds from around the world with only two lines of html code! Boost your site's usefulness for end users by giving them the one-stop source - the Precious Metals Précis.

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Gold Chart
Gold Spot from TroyOz.Info
Silver Chart
Silver Spot from TroyOz.Info
Platinum Chart
Platinum Spot from TroyOz.Info
Palladium Chart
Palladium Spot from TroyOz.Info
Crypto Currency Charts
Crypto Currency prices from TroyOz.Info

Note: This code can be modified to show different crypto currencies (dcur=btc or ltc) in different currencies (xcur=usd or cny) at various exchanges (exchange=Bitstamp or BTC-e).

News Headline Feeds
Specific News Headline Feeds

Note: This code can be modified to suit your needs. As is, the code displays only 2 results (defined by 'q') after searching for headlines in the past 30 days (defined by 'days') that have the word "silver" (defined by 'search') in either the headline or article. Change the variables q, days, or search as desired.


Terms of Use:
These charts are provided by Troy Oz Information Services, LLC. They are free of charge, but please note that these charts do not constitute a service. Troy Oz Information Services, LLC will not accept responsibility and/or liability for the availability, timeliness, security or reliability of the information provided in the charts or other utilities these embed codes generate. Troy Oz Information Services, LLC reserves the right to alter, discontinue or even halt continued data feeds with or without notice at any time and without liability to any user of these embed codes or any end users reading the data. Each user agrees to be responsible in the usage of these embed codes. Improper usage of these embed codes includes, but not limited to: removal of html data, use for an illegal activity, alteration of the charts or data feeds, and removal of links to Troy Oz Information Services, LLC. By using the above embed codes from Troy Oz Information Services, LLC, you acknowledge that Troy Oz Information Services, LLC owns all rights and title to this property.



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