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It’s been said that the American dream is turning into the U.S. nightmare. The grand idea used to be that people can emigrate away from lands controlled by tyrants to a place where freedom rings true – to a place where people are guaranteed natural rights to pursue happiness and success without the worry of too much government stepping in the way of personal progress. Such a dream has steadily decayed over the last century.

  • The welfare state that has evolved in the United States is draining private wealth and personal freedoms at an alarming rate.
  • The entire western banking and financial system has begun to resemble the mob, where insiders not only reap all the profits, but are bailed out by citizens when they lose at their own game.

It’s time for those who have worked hard their whole lives and managed to save more than they’ve consumed to start thinking about ways they can protect their wealth from fraudulent financial institutional behavior or government theft, confiscation and redistribution. If history is any guide, things will only get worse – much worse – before they get better.

The time to act is NOW! National debt is hitting daily record highs, never to be paid off. The U.S. Government is getting desperate for more funds. New and proposed legislation and regulation are increasingly restricting freedoms which enable people to preserve their wealth.

This is why we are offering the Protect Your Assets series, where we have researched different ways which people can legally protect their personal wealth from being stolen by corrupt financial institutions engaging in fraudulent activity, confiscated by over-zealous government legislation, or gradual erosion by ever increasing localized taxes.

Protect Your Assets

– Stock Portfolios –

In today’s investing climate, we’ve seen trading institutions such as MF Global fraudulently dip into client funds to pay for their own proprietary trading. And when that trading went sour, it left its clients with losses estimated in the billions of dollars. How can an investor protect him/herself from such blatantly fraudulent activity?

The stock exchange system itself has evolved into a questionable state as stock certificates no longer list the individual investor as the actual owner – all in the name of trading efficiency, of course. How can an investor be sure he/she really owns the shares in his/her portfolio?

And as if that weren’t enough, recent legislation has been proposed to either mandate specific investments by retirement accounts in U.S. debt instruments, or expose all assets to the threat of being confiscated under the guise of “national security.” How can an investor protect his/her assets from his/her own government?


In the first part of this Protect Your Assets series we offer a step by step guide that any investor can follow in order to protect their stock portfolios from these threats. Purchase via PayPal with the Buy Now button below.

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