One Trader Warns “To Ignore All Around You Is Playing With Fire”

Something changed in the last week or so. Several markets that had hitherto been unstoppable examples of central bank recklessness dominating rational thinking suddenly ‘stopped’. Of course this is seen by many asset-gatherers and commission-takers as ‘a pause that refreshes’ but what if it’s not? As former fund manager Richard Breslow warns, “you’d better believe things can change on a dime,” and we suspect they just did…
I freely admit that I have a lower threshold for finding things funny at 3 AM than later in the day. But after laughing out loud over this line in a story, I actually thought it may contain some real wisdom. Especially, because there are so many alternate explanations of why various asset prices trade where and in the fashion they do.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Nov 13, 2017.