Why US Military Weapons Always End up in Enemy Hands: Pure Stupidity or By Intentional Design?

The bitter irony continues. While the latest over-the-top ploy to confiscate our guns domestically has the feds sloppily staging yet another mass shooting with no proof anyone died in Orlando – the biggest in US history at that, overseas they can’t seem to give away US guns and arms fast enough to America’s so-called enemies. What’s up with that?
In the latest ‘we can’t find our weapons’ saga, this time it’s the CIA’s turn to embarrassingly admit that a 2013 secret arms deal with our Middle East buddy Saudi Arabia that goes by the code name Timber Sycamore has gone awry the last three years. It seems that millions of dollars’ worth of lethal weapons that were supposed to end up in possession of those ‘moderate Syrian rebels,’ you know the ‘good guy’ terrorists fighting ISIS [and Assad] in Syria, were ‘misplaced’ onto the black market by way of Jordanian intelligence officers in charge of delivering the goods who covertly support the Sunni Islamic State terrorists. In another episode of Fast and Furious Part Two, US supplied guns were once again used to kill Americans. Government officials this week admitted that those same missing weapons are believed to have been used last November to kill two Americans and three others at a police training facility in Amman, Jordan. It’s dj vu all over again for the scandal-ridden Obama administration, reminiscent of ATF’s clandestine Fast and Furiousoperation’s infamously trafficking 2,000 guns to the Mexican drug cartel that later murdered an American Border Patrol agent and scores of innocent Mexican civilians.
The US government seems cluelessly inept at being able to either convincingly pull off a false flag or keep track of its vast amount of lethal weapons going abroad only to wind up in the wrong hands murdering Americans. This article will include a capsulized nutshell presenting Washington’s rather long and dubious history of such disastrous folly. It will illuminate the catastrophic consequences caused by either US gross incompetence or by maleficent grand design that either way in large part has led to the latest arms race currently responsible for making our planet more armed and dangerous than any previous time in human history.
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This latest scam is alleged to involve a Jordanian lieutenant colonel as the gun smuggling kingpin regularly siphoning off guns from US shipments as they arrived in Jordan since 2013, delivering only a portion to designated drop off points to US-backed ‘moderate’ rebels fighting in Syria, while secretly selling off the rest to a thriving black market that in turn sold to ISIS and other so-called ‘bad’ terrorists. His cadre of corrupt Jordanian officers were getting rich off their gun smuggling operation buying expensive items like SUV’s, iPhones, and all the latest hi-tech toys, while unloading thousands of US-made rocket grenadelaunchers, mortars, Kalashnikov automatic weapons and small arms for the right price to various terrorists and militants at the local arms bizarre.

This post was published at Lew Rockwell on July 2, 2016.