Has France Been Bought By A State Sponsor Of Islamic Terrorism?

Authored by Drieu Godefridi via The Gatestone Institute,
It is through these tax breaks that the Qataris are buying the “jewels” of France. The U. S. is not selling its defense companies to Qatar. Thanks to its huge gas and oil reserves, Qatar has the highest per capita income in the world and huge reserves of cash to invest everywhere, whereas France, thanks to 40 years of socialism, is in dire need of cash. The state of Qatar has been officially labelled as a “state sponsor of terrorism”, and an active supporter of Islamic terrorist organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda and the Islamic State — not by Western governments, but by Saudi Arabia, the cradle of Islamic faith, and the other Islamic regimes of the region.
Knowing the facts of Qatar — 11000km2, one-third the size of Belgium, population 2.5 million — the question may seem far-fetched: How could France, the great France, possibly be bought by a tiny state such as Qatar?
For the single reason that, thanks to its huge gas and oil reserves, Qatar has the highest per capita income in the world and huge reserves of cash to invest everywhere, whereas France, thanks to 40 years of socialism, is in dire need of cash and has a tradition of corruptible officials, to say nothing of a propensity for “collaboration”.
On August 4, the English press — not the French press — revealed that French prosecutors are actively investigating two events: the awarding the 2022 World Cup of football (soccer) to Qatar, and the purchase by “Qatari Diar”, a state-owned investment company, of a stake in the French utility firm Veolia.

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Asian Metals Market Update: August-22-2017

Factors which can affect markets
If gold starts to rise and manages to trade over $1300 for a few weeks then $2000 could be a remote possibility by the end of next near. At the moment downside risk is around $170 while the upside potential is infinity for gold. However a clear picture will be there only after September’s FOMC meet.
After a very long time I am hearing bullish whispers for gold all over the internet. The so called hardcore bears are now also bullish on gold. I am bullish on gold on political factors. The success of Islamic state actors in Europe also adds to the bullish cause for gold. The Islamic state is fighting a sort of guerilla war in Europe. A car ramming into a crowd and later blowing themselves up are just examples of guerilla war. The administration in Europe is now focused on reducing the success rate of Islamic state actors. Development money moves to security. Gold demand in Europe will continuously rise apart from Asia.

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Gold, Silver Consolidate On Last Weeks Gains, Palladium Surges 36% YTD To 16 Year High

– Gold and silver rise as stocks fall sharply after Barcelona attack
– Gold, silver 0.6% higher in week after last weeks 2%, 5% rise
– Palladium +36% ytd, breaks out & reaches 16 year high (chart)
– Gold to silver ratio falls to mid 75s after silver gains last week
– Perfect storm of financial and geopolitical tensions is driving safe haven demand and should see higher prices
– Weekly close over $1,300 could see gold quickly test $1,400
– Palladium at 16 year highs today; gold, silver in coming months?
Editor Mark O’Byrne
This morning readers woke to the news that a second attack in 24 hours had taken place in Barcelona. So-called Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attacks in Spain.
Global stocks have fallen and precious metals have eked out gains this morning as investors seek out safe haven assets. Gold has risen to trade at its highest level since the beginning of June.
Gold’s reaction to the Barcelona events is likely to last and may continue today. The combination of heightened risk in the global geopolitical sphere is likely to support both gold and silver, pushing them through recent resistance. A weekly close above $1,300 per ounce will be very positive for gold and should see a rapid move to test the $1,400 level.

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Asian Metals Market Update: July-18-2017

Lack of news resulted in a weaker US dollar and the continued rise in metals and energies. Trump and his never ending controversies implies stalemate among US lawmakers to pass new legislation. Only war legislations have been passed by republicans. Global safe haven demand has been on the rise. The internet is filled with speculation that the Russia-China energy deal will result in an end to the petrodollar. Tensions in the South China Sea and a NATO expansion in eastern Europe will increase in all kinds of trade between Russia and China. We might see a new cold war3 with Russia-China on one side and NATO and its allies on the other. NATO has used trade sanctions first to alienate a nation and if trade sanctions did not work, then use force or create an armed rebellion in that nation. NATO’s tried and tested ways to rule will not work with the Russia-China axis. Russian and Chinese governments have been continuously increasing their gold reserves. One needs to closely watch NATO’s tactics with the Russia-China axis. The Taliban, the Islamic state, the mujahedeen’s, one can call by whatever name are all termites created by NATO for an opposing nation. Philippines great leader Duterte opposed NATO and the Islamic state terror has been unleashed to him. No one is invincible. I believe that the controlling power of NATO will fall over the coming years. Physical gold is still not a bad very long term investment.

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Asian Metals Market Update: November-15-2016

I am against selling gold and silver unless they fall below yesterday’s low. Silver’s pathetic performance will ensure that more and more investors invest in gold and not in silver. Gold is still a safe call over silver. Physical gold premiums rise anytime and makes up (too a certain extent) the fall in spot prices. Obama advised Trump that it will be a different ball game once Trump moves to the White House. Speculation is that Trump is trying to get special security clearance from the CIA for certain family members. All kinds of confusing news are causing volatility in the markets. Some bankers say gold will fall below $1000 next year under Trump. Others say gold will rise. Even the banking and hedge fund community is divided over the direction of gold for next year.
I agree with Buffet. All election promises are never implemented. Some are just made to win the elections. If Trump succeeds in reviving the American manufacturing sectors and reducing illegal immigrants then gold will come under further medium term bearish direction. To me the Trump’s foreign policy will dictate investment demand in gold and silver. Trump’s foreign policy with (a) UK and European Union be the key. NATO and CIA have common interest of creating more and more wars. Everyone was made to believe that Obama will bring more peace globally. But the reverse happened as he created the Islamic state, bombed innocent humans in Yemen and Syria. (b) Relations with China in the South China Sea. Gold investment demand under Trump will be dependent on Trump’s foreign policy apart from interest rate and other factors.

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Asian Metals Market Update: Sep 27, 2016

Just trade in the technical. Ignore the media friendly US presidential drama. Promises made before any political elections are just to make voters an emotional fool. Tears shed before any political elections are crocodile tears. Whether its India, Europe or America, politicians are the same breed. They are there to loot you. The bigger the looter the greater generally is the margin of victory.
Incoming US economic data releases (this week and next week) should support the case for a December interest rate hike. If numbers are weak, then gold and silver will zoom. Indian demand for gold and silver is expected to rise from Sunday. However if Indian demand disappoints in October, then gold and silver could move into another medium term bearish phase.
A big on Pakistan – India-China relationship.
The current India-Pakistan situation is like nearing a war front. I believe that the world is paying Pakistan’s army and Pakistan’s religious heads to be the terror hub of world. Americans have been aiding Pakistan in all forms. Organization of Islamic States (OIS) has been supporting Pakistan financially and otherwise to unleash terror in India and also attract more and more Indian Muslim youths towards Islamic extremism. Every year a number of so called news reporters and politicians vanish in Pakistan without any clues. In my view Pakistani religious heads and the Pakistani army are just propaganda machine of NATO and their Islamic allies. (The people of India and the people of Pakistan want fearless friendship but for Pakistani religious heads).

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Asian Metals Market Update: September-6-2016

Holidays for the global markets are over. Trading volumes will slowly rise in currency markets as well as commodity markets. Initially it will be a technical trade. There is no big US economic data release for the next week. There will be a fight between gold/silver bulls and bears this month. Quarter end position squaring and rebuilding will increase volatility. The direction of the Japanese yen against the US dollar will be crucial for gold and silver. The Yen has weakened but is still below key medium term resistance of 107.30 (usd/jpy). Currency market impact on global portfolio allocation will be much more than previous months of the year.
The best way to trade is ‘Mauka dekho aur chakkha maro’ (wait for the bad ball to hit the cricket six). Demand is there in Asia. Uncertainty over the pace of rise of gold and silver is preventing big purchases. Determination of the pace of the rise/fall of gold and silver will be the key to trading and not the actual price movement.
The G20 and other global forums are basically a photo-op for the people. There are cracks within the G20 or the NATO or the European Union. New leaders are less willing to be pawns for America. The tax verdict against Apple, Italy and other European Union members trying to defy sanctions against Russia, Closing of borders and accepting less Asian migrants than dictated by Merkel & Co are some the examples. The control power of the America is on the tortoise decline while the Chinese diplomats are everywhere. This situation is just the starting point as the world moves towards a feudalistic and barbaric society. We are living in a barbaric society. The Talibans, Islamic state (the creation of America/CIA) are barbarians. They surface anywhere and re start killing. These circumstances are forcing more and more people in Europe and America to start buying more physical gold.

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Asian Metals Market Update: August 2-2016

Momentum is hyper bullish for gold and silver. Everyone is buying gold and silver on dips numbers on Friday has only added fuel to the bullish investor sentiment of gold and silver. Europe, Japan and now even the USA is getting plagued by mentally ill people who act as terrorist and kill innocents every day. These mentally ill people are called by the name of Islamic State and other names. The political class in India has divided India into religion, caste, creed etc. European politicians have now started taking lessons from their Indian counter parts and have started dividing Europe on the basis of religion, race etc. Apart from financial market changes by central banks there are more long term and medium term bullish factors for gold and silver than ever before.
France is thinking of stopping foreign funding of mosques. There will be opposition to such moves by Germany and other European Union members, but it is a step in the right direction. Even in India for the first time the Modi government is trying to make public the foreign funding of religious institutions. Non Islamic nations now need to impose strict restrictions on foreign funding of religious institutions to prevent nations from moving into a long term civil war. There are enough early warning signals which gives us a view that America and Europe is moving towards a civil war. Gold and other non-paper based safe havens will continue to attract investor demand.

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Why US Military Weapons Always End up in Enemy Hands: Pure Stupidity or By Intentional Design?

The bitter irony continues. While the latest over-the-top ploy to confiscate our guns domestically has the feds sloppily staging yet another mass shooting with no proof anyone died in Orlando – the biggest in US history at that, overseas they can’t seem to give away US guns and arms fast enough to America’s so-called enemies. What’s up with that?
In the latest ‘we can’t find our weapons’ saga, this time it’s the CIA’s turn to embarrassingly admit that a 2013 secret arms deal with our Middle East buddy Saudi Arabia that goes by the code name Timber Sycamore has gone awry the last three years. It seems that millions of dollars’ worth of lethal weapons that were supposed to end up in possession of those ‘moderate Syrian rebels,’ you know the ‘good guy’ terrorists fighting ISIS [and Assad] in Syria, were ‘misplaced’ onto the black market by way of Jordanian intelligence officers in charge of delivering the goods who covertly support the Sunni Islamic State terrorists. In another episode of Fast and Furious Part Two, US supplied guns were once again used to kill Americans. Government officials this week admitted that those same missing weapons are believed to have been used last November to kill two Americans and three others at a police training facility in Amman, Jordan. It’s dj vu all over again for the scandal-ridden Obama administration, reminiscent of ATF’s clandestine Fast and Furiousoperation’s infamously trafficking 2,000 guns to the Mexican drug cartel that later murdered an American Border Patrol agent and scores of innocent Mexican civilians.
The US government seems cluelessly inept at being able to either convincingly pull off a false flag or keep track of its vast amount of lethal weapons going abroad only to wind up in the wrong hands murdering Americans. This article will include a capsulized nutshell presenting Washington’s rather long and dubious history of such disastrous folly. It will illuminate the catastrophic consequences caused by either US gross incompetence or by maleficent grand design that either way in large part has led to the latest arms race currently responsible for making our planet more armed and dangerous than any previous time in human history.
Current Prices on popular forms of Gold Bullion
This latest scam is alleged to involve a Jordanian lieutenant colonel as the gun smuggling kingpin regularly siphoning off guns from US shipments as they arrived in Jordan since 2013, delivering only a portion to designated drop off points to US-backed ‘moderate’ rebels fighting in Syria, while secretly selling off the rest to a thriving black market that in turn sold to ISIS and other so-called ‘bad’ terrorists. His cadre of corrupt Jordanian officers were getting rich off their gun smuggling operation buying expensive items like SUV’s, iPhones, and all the latest hi-tech toys, while unloading thousands of US-made rocket grenadelaunchers, mortars, Kalashnikov automatic weapons and small arms for the right price to various terrorists and militants at the local arms bizarre.

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Asian Precious Metals Update: May-2-2016

Last week was the herd. All metals and energies rose at the same time. The US dollar depreciated along with below expectation US economic data releases. This resulted everything rising and breaking past key technical resistances. You went long with a high margin money in all metals and energies. You won. You went short and you got busted.
This week may or not repeat last week. US private ADP numbers on Wednesday and US April nonfarm payrolls is the key. A number below 160,000 will result in another big downward spiral for the greenback. April did not have any Easter employment. I do not foresee any spillover effect of Easters positively affecting US jobs number. The only risk could be past increase in previous month employment numbers. Japanese Yen against the US dollar below 105 (if any) will provoke direct intervention by the bank of Japan and will be create another short term bull cycle for US dollar denominated commodities. Middle East and Islamic state risk have not affected financial markets in April. I believe that this week continue too.
Low risk traders can book profit (on their long positions) just before the release of US April private ADP numbers on Wednesday. Looks for such signs. Thereafter depending on the fall (if any) all metals and energies need to trade over key weekly resistances to ensure continuity of bullish trend. For example suppose gold trades around $1327 in Asian session on Wednesday. Key weekly resistance is at $1308.20.

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ISIS Goes Full-Wall Street, Rigs FX Rates To Generate Extra Profits

While such things are virtually impossible to verify due to the difficulty of getting ‘inside the caliphate’ so to speak, word on the jihadist circuit is that ISIS is running short on money.
Successive rounds of Russian strikes on crude tankers and on the group’s oil infrastructure have crippled the illicit oil trade and tax revenue has also fallen in the wake of Baghdad’s decision to stop paying the salaries of public sector workers in Islamic State-held Mosul and other militant strongholds. Typically, Baghdadi would tax those earnings by 20% to 50%, creating a key revenue stream for the caliphate.
Additionally, ISIS is now reportedly beginning to release captives for as little as $500 and has moved to accept only US dollars as payment for utility bills, a policy we said is somewhat ironic given that it was last August when the group released a propaganda video promising to bring back the gold dinar to replace ‘a worthless ‘piece of paper called the Federal Reserve dollar note.’
But perhaps the surest sign yet that the self-styled caliphate is running into financial trouble comes from several on-the-ground sources who told AP last week that ISIS is no longer giving away free Snickers bars and Gatorade to its fighters.
Now, we learn that Islamic State has resorted to a tried and true method of generating ‘a little’ extra profits here and there: currency manipulation.

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Saudi Arabia Carries Out Largest Mass Execution In 25 Years After Beheadings Soar In 2015

While we wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s possible to find a ‘silver lining’ in the San Bernardino massacre, the fact that Tashfeen Malik’s connection to Saudi Arabia has focused the world’s attention on Riyadh’s role in promoting Sunni extremism means the tragedy will at least serve a kind of utilitarian purpose.
As we and others have documented extensively, Saudi Arabia’s promotion of Wahhabism makes the kingdom the number one state sponsor of terror almost by default (Erdogan’s support for ISIS notwithstanding). Despite the best efforts of quite a few commentators and analysts who this year have drawn attention to the fact that the ideology espoused and promulgated by the Saudis is really no different than that promoted by ISIS, the Western public is still largely in the dark – we know this because if the US electorate were truly in tune to what’s going on, voters would stage a popular revolt before they’d allow King Salman to parade into Washington in a fleet of Mercedes on the way to commandeering the entire Four Seasons for a two day stay.
As Kamel Daoud, a columnist for Quotidien d’Oran, and the author of ‘The Meursault Investigation’ put it in a New York Times op-ed in November, Saudi Arabia is simply ‘an ISIS that made it.’ Here’s an excerpt from that piece:
Black Daesh, white Daesh. The former slits throats, kills, stones, cuts off hands, destroys humanity’s common heritage and despises archaeology, women and non-Muslims. The latter is better dressed and neater but does the same things. The Islamic State; Saudi Arabia. In its struggle against terrorism, the West wages war on one, but shakes hands with the other. This is a mechanism of denial, and denial has a price: preserving the famous strategic alliance with Saudi Arabia at the risk of forgetting that the kingdom also relies on an alliance with a religious clergy that produces, legitimizes, spreads, preaches and defends Wahhabism, the ultra-puritanical form of Islam that Daesh feeds on.

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Americans Petition Obama To Declare Erdogan’s Turkey State Sponsor Of Terror

On our way to documenting Turkey’s arrest of two generals and a colonel who dared to stop a weapons-laden MIT truck in route to Syria, we said that ‘if there’s a silver lining to last Tuesday’s downing of a Russian Su-24 warplane by two Turkish F-16s it’s that the world is now starting to scrutinize President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.’
Indeed, in the wake of the plane ‘incident’, Russia embarked on an epic PR campaign to expose the Erdogan government’s complicity in Islamic State’s illegal crude trade and to generally wake the world up to the fact that if ever there were a state sponsor of terror, it’s Turkey.
While it’s probably too much to ask for the general public to delve deeply into the history of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia on the way to drawing a connection between Riyadh and the ideology espoused by the various Sunni extremist groups operating in the Mid-East and generally recognized as ‘terrorists’ by the Western media, watching clips of Russian warplanes vaporizing oil tanker trucks requires little in the way of intellectual investment. That’s perhaps why The Kremlin’s PR blitz has done such an admirable job of alerting the world to Turkey’s role in sponsoring terror.

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A Nervous George Soros Lashes Out At Donald Trump: He Wants You To Be Afraid

It appears The Establishment has decided to bring in the big guns to dislodge The GOP’s nightmare scenario as Donald Trump goes from strength to strength in the polls. Writing in an op-ed for The Guardian, billionaire puppet-master George Soros urges Americans “to resist the siren song of the likes of Donald Trump,” adding that “the terrorists and demagogues want us to be scared. We mustn’t give in.”
Authored by George Soros, originally posted at The Guardian,
It’s not easy to resist the threats and the hysteria that surround us, but we must do, as fear is the greatest danger to open society
Open societies are always endangered. This is especially true of America and Europe today, as a result of the terrorist attacks in Paris and elsewhere, and the way that America and Europe, particularly France, have reacted to them.
Jihadi terrorist groups such as Islamic State and al-Qaida have discovered the achilles heel of our western societies: the fear of death. Through horrific attacks and macabre videos, the publicists of Isis magnify this fear, leading otherwise sensible people in hitherto open societies to abandon their reason.
Scientists have discovered that emotion is an essential component of human reasoning. That discovery explains why jihadi terrorism poses such a potent threat to our societies: the fear of death leads us and our leaders to think – and then behave – irrationally.

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Senate Holds Hearing On Farcical US ISIS “Strategy” – Live Feed

The US hasn’t been very effective when it comes to “fighting” ISIS. Baghdadi’s army hasn’t been “degraded” much less “destroyed” as the Obama administration promised some 15 months ago, Mosul and Raqqa are still firmly under Islamic State’s control, and, perhaps most importantly, the illicit oil business is booming (thanks Erdogan).
Over the past three months or so, US lawmakers began to ask questions about why the overall strategy has failed and more specifically, about, i) why The Pentagon’s $500 million “train and equip” program turned out to be “a joke,” and ii) why Centcom’s reports to the President and to Congress always seemed to indicate that things were going fine when in fact, nothing was actually getting done.
On Wednesday, the Senate Armed Services Committee is holding a hearing on America’s ISIS “strategy.” You can watch this bit of Capitol Hill comedy gold live below.

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Turkey Arrests Generals Who Stopped Syria-Bound, Weapons-Laden, Spook Trucks

If there’s a silver lining to last Tuesday’s downing of a Russian Su-24 warplane by two Turkish F-16s it’s that the world is now starting to scrutinize President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Even to the uninitiated it seemed strange that a NATO member would shoot down a Russian fighter jet over an alleged 17 second violation of Turkish airspace. Why, one wonders, would the democratically elected leader of one of the world’s foremost up and coming emerging markets decide, out of the blue, to become the first member of the alliance to engage a Russian or Soviet aircraft in more than six decades?
The answer to that question lies in Ankara’s covert dealings with the various rebel groups fighting the Assad regime in Syria.
Turkey’s support for some militias (the Turkmen fighters aligned with the FSA for instance) is not secret. However, there’s no shortage of speculation that Erdogan is also allied with less ‘moderate’ forces including ISIS. The PKK for instance, has long accused the government of maintaining a cozy relationship with Islamic State and there are all manner of reasons to believe that Turkey has at various times facilitated the flow of fighters and weapons to ISIS (see here) and served as a critical link between the group’s lucrative oil operation and global crude markets (see here and here). Now, thanks to last week’s plane ‘incident’, this has been laid bare for the world to see and Erdogan is not happy about it.
Now that AKP has regained its political supremacy (thanks to a farce of an election Erdogan engineered after AKP lost its absolute majority in June), Ankara has renewed its crackdown on undesirable journalism. As we reported on Friday, Can Dndar, editor in chief of Cumhuriyet, and Erdem Gl, the newspaper’s capital correspondent in Ankara, were arrested last week on charges of spying and aiding and abetting terrorists.

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Brussels Enters Lockdown, Warns of “Paris-Style” Attack, Airport and Sporting Events Closed

Officials in Belgium have “precise information” that Brussels faces a “Paris-Style” Attack. In response Brussels Enters Lockdown.
Brussels faces an imminent threat of a Paris-style Islamic State terrorist attack, authorities warned, as the city shut down its metro system and shopping malls, canceled sporting and cultural events and told people to avoid gathering in large groups.
‘We have precise information that outlines the risk of an attack similar to the one that unfolded in Paris,’ Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel told a press conference Saturday morning in Brussels. ‘It is a threat based on the theory that it would take place with arms and explosives, maybe even in several places and at the same time.’
Authorities canceled sporting events and cultural activities around the Belgian capital. Professional soccer games were postponed, movie theaters, opera houses, libraries and galleries closed and shopping malls and department stores shut their doors. The city’s Atomium tourist venue didn’t open on Saturday, while night clubs and concert venues said they wouldn’t open in the evening.

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Claim: ISIS Is Funding Their Operation Via Bitcoin Wallets Worth MILLIONS

A sect of GhostSec known as Ghost Security Group, an offshoot of Anonymous that many members have claimed are actually Feds, is reporting that ISIS isn’t just funding itself with black market oil from Syria, but via multi-million-dollar bitcoin wallets.
Via Techworm:
DW (Deutsche Welle) previously reported that the Islamic State is experimenting with currency, specifically gold and bitcoin. One bitcoin wallet received around $23 million in a month; anti-ISIS hackers from GhostSec followed a chain of transactions to another wallet with over $3 million in bitcoins.
Ghost Security Group confirmed to NewsBTC that ISIS is ‘extensively using bitcoin for funding their operations’ and that the group has ‘managed to uncover several bitcoin addresses used by them.’ Furthermore, bitcoin is ‘their prime form of cryptocurrency.’ No evidence was given, such as the bitcoin wallet address, as the hackers ‘cannot go into more detail at the moment on current investigations.’

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on November 19, 2015.

Stocks Jump On Hope For More Central Bank Intervention After Japan’s Quintuple Recession, Syrian Strikes

While the world’s attention remains focused on the aftermath of the Friday the 13th terrorist attack in France, which overnight took a decidedly more lethal turn when France unleashed a bombing campaign of the Islamic State capital of Raqqa, bringing the number of nations flying warplanes over Syria to 3 (in addition to the US and Russia), the biggest economic development was Japan’s Q3 GDP print which as we reported overnight, badly missed expectations, and dropped significantly for the second quarter in a row, resulting in something truly unprecedented in modern Neo-Keynesian history – a quintuple dip recession.
Which, as so often happens in these upside down days, was the best thing that could happen to the market, because another economic slowdown means the BOJ, even without sellers of JGBs, will have no choice but to expand its “stimulus” program (the same one that led Japan to its current predicament of course) and buy up if not government bonds, then corporate bonds, more ETFs (of which it already own 50%) and ultimately stocks. Because there is nothing better for the richest asset owners than total economic collapse.

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Austrian Economics Is Now Equivalent To Terrorism Thanks To Latest Islamic State “Gold Standard” Propaganda Clip

What better way to mute demands for a return to sound money and the gold standard, than by making them equivalent to jihadist terrorism? Why, there are none, which is why some were thoroughly amused to see that yesterday the Islamic State’s so called media center, the al Hayat, released a video whose production qualities are nothing short of Hollywood (or San Fernando valley at worst), in which the latest and greatest “jihadist terrorist group” that was a byproduct of US intervention in the Middle East, announces it is preparing to take on the Fed itself with, drumroll, “the return of the gold dinar.”
As Bloomberg reminds us, the Islamic State’s Shura Council last year tasked its Beit al Mal, or treasury, with minting the coins, which come in several denominations made of gold, silver and copper.
The coins may not be there, but instead ISIS released a 55-minute propaganda video with the latest in straight to YouTube special effects, in which the ISIS voiceover actor says, in perfect English, “as history repeated itself, one of the great forms of corruption that the earth came to witness was the dark rise of bank notes, borne out of the satanic conception of banks, which mutated into a fraudulent system of enslavement orchestrated by the Federal Reserve in America – a private corporation and system that would, through the use of deceit and force, deprive people of their due, by imposing upon them the usage of the piece of paper that came to be known as the dollar bill.”
It is the Federal Reserve bank note that they alone print, and that would go on to replace gold and silver which Allah created as the standard mediums of exchange for the purchase of goods and services. Allah blessed the songs of the Khilafah and gave them the ability and foresight to break from the shackles of the Federal Reserve system and to restore the gold dinar, and the silver dirham as the ultimate measure of goods and services beginning in the birth place of the Islamic State. The punchline:

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