Thousands Of Anti-Brexit Protesters Hit London Streets – Live Feed

Having missed their chance to actually vote on the fate of Europe Thursday …
% who got through our final #EUref poll turnout filter by age group:
18-24: 36%
25-34: 58%
35-44: 72%
45-54: 75%
55-64: 81%
65 : 83%
— Sky Data (@SkyData) June 25, 2016

… due to other “pressing concerns” or simply general apathy, today thousands of mostly young demonstrators once again gathered in central London to march in protest against last week’s vote to leave the European Union, a result that has led Britain into political chaos and has sent markets first plunging then soaring as central banks around the globe took advantage of the crisis to unleash a new round of market supporting policies.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Jul 2, 2016.