THE SUBPRIME U.S. ECONOMY: Disintegrating Due To Subprime Auto, Housing, Bond & Energy Debt

The U. S. financial system continues to disintegrate even though most Americans hardly notice. The system is being gutted from the inside out… much the same way a chronic disease weakens a patient even before any symptoms are felt. However, we are already experiencing painful symptoms as U. S. economic indicators continue to weaken.
Here are just a few of the recent headlines:
Energy Giant Schlumberger Fires Another 8,000 As ‘Market Conditions Worsen’ in Q2
The Financial System Is Breaking Down At An Unimaginable Pace
Potential Crisis Triggers Continue To Pile Up In 2016
Just In Time – – Big Wall Street Housing Investors Cashing-Out On Housing Bubble 2.0
Corporate Bond Defaults Hit Highest Rate Since Financial Crisis
These are just some of the recent headlines pointing to BIG TROUBLE AHEAD. However, the U. S. financial system is in dire shape due to the SUBPRIMING of the entire economy. Today, anyone can purchase a car for little or nothing down and finance it for 84 months. The U. S. housing market is also in the same predicament.

This post was published at SRSrocco Report on on July 21, 2016.


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