The Nuclear Option

As explained by Paul Craig Roberts, and unbeknownst to most, prior to the French election, and before Trump fired Comey, US neoconsevatives (neocons) in Washington threatened a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Russia – and apparently they are serious. Serious – no way right? They can’t be that crazy. Apparently such an assumption would be wrong – because they are – where they believe they can go overseas – nuke Russia (North Korea — anybody?) – and nothing will happen to them coddled comfortably in North America. What’s more, apparently they believe they can do anything they want to get ahead financially / power-wise – with no negative implications for themselves – for reals.
Now, Comey’s firing might slow things down in this regard in the near future, as the globalists / leftist / neocons will be setback somewhat, however if Trump does not maintain momentum in terms of ‘draining the swamp’, the crazed bureaucrats who have now been put on guard with Comey’s demise, will right back at it pushing their agendas (it’s already happening – see here, here, and here) – including moving America closer to war – because again – apparently these crazies think they can engineer any war untouched – in the promotion of ’empire’ – just like all the others. Americans have never fought a war with foreigners at home, unlike just about everybody else, so they have never had to live with the lasting effects when the action subsides – so they don’t know any better – assuming such concerns are even on the radar screen.
All one can say to these idiots is – try and tell that to a Russian nuke sub captain after Moscow is leveled. Something tells me New York and Washington won’t be too far behind.

This post was published at GoldSeek on 22 May 2017.