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2017 12 01

04:00REALIST NEWS - Yellen 'Very Worried about Sustainability of US Debt Trajectory'
05:00Australian Banks – First The Housing Bubble Bursts, Now A Public Inquiry
07:00Mapping The United States Of Welfare
Give me six lines written by the most honest man & I will find something to hang him
Surveillance State: Stanford Researchers Use AI To Determine Neighborhood’s Bias By Its Cars
09:00Minimum Wage Laws Have Many Victims
Paris – The Capital Of West & Central Africa
Dutch People Are Different – ABN Amro Employees Want To End Bonus Scheme
Bitcoin Soars After CFTC Approves Futures Trading: First Trade To Take Place Dec.18
10:00POWERS ARE SHIFTING As Russia Sells Chinese Yuan Bonds! - The FALL Of The Dollar
11:00UK’s Top Fund Manager: “So Many Lights Flashing Red, I’m Losing Count”
We Are Now in Tech Bubble Territory
Futures Surge As Johnson, Daines Greenlight Tax Bill
Loonie Soars After Canadian Data Crushes Expectations, 14 Sigma Jobs Beat
13:00“You’re Right, I’m A Threat To Big Banks” – UK Opposition Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, Lashes Out At Morgan Stanley
Here’s The Chart That Everyone Is Talking About (And Hoping Is Not ‘Real’)
15:00The Dirty Shopping Season Secret 'They' Don't Want You to Know About
Tax Plan Deceptions Come Under Scrutiny by Inspector General
Germany Ends Tesla Model S Subsidies In Massive Blow To Company’s Government Funded Business Plan
17:00US Manufacturing’s Hurricane-Rebound Is Over: New Orders Sink, Costs Soar
Market Talk- December 1, 2017
Meanwhile… The Yield Curve Is Crashing-er
19:001/12/17: Eonia’s strange vaulting
White House Lashes Out At San Francisco, Democrats After “Disgraceful” Kate Steinle Case Verdict
Democrats’ Last-Ditch Effort To Force Tax Reform Back To Committee Fails By Vote Of 56-44
1/12/17: Euro – Unfit for Diverging Economies
Banks and the Fed's Duration Trap
Stock Market Acceleration Reaches Terminal Stage
Carmageddon for Tesla
Wonder Who Was Buying Yesterday’s Market Breakout? Here’s The Answer
Flynn Flush Rescues ‘VIX Elephant’ As ’50 Cent’ Backs Up The Truck
21:00It's More Than Just The Absence of Acceleration, It's The Synchronization Where There Should Be None
The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Being An Idiot
Stock Markets Mueller’d As Yield Curve Collapse Continues
Susan Collins Will Vote For Senate Tax Reform Plan