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2017 12 15

00:00Scott Adams declares the tax package a failure
05:00The Dow & Trump Tax Reform
AlphaZero for President
America’s Painful Self-Delusion
A Word of Thanks, Lew
Europe, Brexit and the credit cycle
07:00Swedish Housing Bubble Pops As Stockholm Apartment Prices Crash Most Since June 2009
Why We Should Worry About China
09:00Humans Fight Back: San Fran Security Robot Attacked, Knocked Over, Smeared With Feces
Norway Is Moving To Decriminalize All Drug Use
“A Violent Downside Break”: Why One Trader Thinks The Christmas “Pain Trade” Will Be Especially Painful
15 Market Red Flag: Stocks May Be About To Tank: 'If There's One Thing That You Need To Pay Attention To It's This...'
European, Asian Stocks Slide But US Futures Rebound As Tax Deal Fears Ease
11:00This Is The Chart That Jeffrey Gundlach Calls “Must Watch” For 2018
“Suspense Mounts” – Timing Of Tax-Reform Votes In Limbo As More Senators Get Cold Feet
Fun on Friday: Kids These Days
13:00Bill Blain: “I Have Never Seen So Many Extraordinary Events In One Year, And I've Been In Markets Since 1985!
Brexit Moves To Phase 2 – Sterling Slides As EU Warns Talks Will Be Far More Testing
15:00“What The H*** Is Going On In Chicago” And Other Highlights From Trump’s Speech To FBI Grads
The Rug Yank Phase of Fed Policy
Market Talk- December 15, 2017
Waiting for the Curve to Invert
JPMorgan: “This Is The Moment Everyone Went All In”
17:00Global Dollar Liquidity Shortage Explodes – Worse Than European Crisis
Still Can’t Find That Pitchfork, Can You?
Bond Markets Really Are Signalling A Slowdown
19:00Stocks Surge To All Time High As Corker Unexpectedly Joins Rubio In Supporting GOP Tax Bill
Janet Yellen: Trump's Tax Cut Could Play a Negative Role in Next Downturn
Bank Of America: “This Is The First Sign That A Bubble Has Arrived”
US Yield Curve Crashes Most In 6 Years As Stocks, Bitcoin Hit Record Highs
Weekend Reading: Ignorance Is No Excuse
21:00The Great Oil Swindle
Scheme To Pay Off Trump Accusers Emerges, One Woman Was Offered $750,000
Confidence, and What Comes With It
Goldman: These Are the Hottest Commodities in 2018
Jim Kunstler: “You Can See Where This Has Been Going…”