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  • David Morgan: Cryptocurrencies Can be Profitable for Nimble Investors

    The following video was published by The Morgan Report on Jun 5, 2017
    Morgan also discusses the metals he’s interested in right now and explains why he thinks gold and the blockchain could eventually be used together.
    David Morgan is best known for his commentary on precious metals, particularly silver, but as he’s emphasized in the past, The Morgan Report covers a wide array of commodities and investment opportunities. At the recent International Metal Writers Conference, he proved that point with a presentation that covered precious metals and the blockchain.

  • Are Stock Traders Actually More Pessimistic Than Bond Traders?

    Authored by Kevin Muir via The Macro Tourist blog,
    As a former equity guy, it pains me to say that when the bond and equity markets are at odds, it usually pays to go with the bond guys. Let’s face it, the bond guys are better at math, often smarter, and less likely to fall for a story. Therefore I am a little at a loss regarding this next chart, as it appears the stock jockeys are more sanguine about rates than the fixed income crew.
    Yesterday the SPDR Utility ETF closed at a new all-time high. With all the excitement regarding the FANG stocks, along with the manic chasing occurring in TSLA and bitcoin, you would figure that sentiment would be bubbling over. Shouldn’t investors be dumping utility stocks like University students returning on Thanksgiving weekend to their old high school sweethearts? Instead, we find investors gobbling up utilities like rates are never going higher.

    This post was published at Zero Hedge on May 31, 2017.

  • A Stock Market Crash: A Matter Of ‘When,’ Not ‘If’

    Given group-think and the determination of policy makers to do ‘whatever it takes’ to prevent the next market ‘crash,’ we think that the low-volatility levitation magic act of stocks and bonds will exist until the disenchanting moment when it does not. And then all hell will break loose, a lamentable scenario that will nevertheless present opportunities that are likely to be both extraordinary and ephemeral. – Highly regarded hedge fund manager, Paul Singer, in his latest investor newsletter
    Singer has apparently has unloaded $5 billion worth of stock, which is 15% of his funds management.
    Anyone happen to notice that several market commentators have argued that Bitcoin is a bubble but the same stock ‘experts’ look the other way as the U. S. stock market becomes more overvalued by the day vs. the deteriorating underlying fundamentals? Bitcoin going ‘parabolic’ triggers alarm bells but it’s okay if the stock price of AMZN is hurtling toward parity with the price of one ounce of gold. Tesla burns a billion per year in cash. It sold 76,000 cars last year vs. 10 million worldwide for General Motors. Yet Tesla’s market cap is $51.7 billion vs. $48.8 billion for GM.

    This post was published at Investment Research Dynamics on May 29, 2017.

  • Gartman Turns Bullish On Tech: “Every Time We Think The Market Is Overbought, It Moves Higher”

    First, it was Warren Buffett turning bullish on tech, and now none other than Dennis Gartman has thrown in the towel on “things that if dropped on your foot shall hurt’ and will instead focus on “buying the things that are either replacing these simple things or are making these simple things better.”
    From his latest note:
    We stand in awe of the sheer relentless nature of the global bull market. Unlike the parabolic rise by Bitcoin, for example, the trend from the lower left to the upper right in global equity prices is measured… is reasonable… is relentless and is, in the end, majestic in nature. It will stop when it stops and not a moment before. Every time we think that the market is overbought, it consolidates and moves higher.
    It is interesting then to note that the CNN Fear & Greed Index has been ‘locked’ in recent days a few points either side of 50, where 50 is evenly balanced between the bullish and bearish forces at work. When the Index is below 20 and has turned higher, the market is oversold and due for a rally. When it is above 75 or so and turns down, the market’s over-bought and due for weakness. But at 50 it is neutral… utterly and completely… allowing the trend at hand to obtain a while longer and the trend at hand is clearly a bullish trend.

    This post was published at Zero Hedge on May 25, 2017.

  • Buying Mania Will Push Silver Price Much Higher As Dow Jones-Silver Ratio Falls Back Towards 50/1

    Just like the current market frenzy pushing Bitcoin to new all-time highs, the same sort of buying mania will also push the silver price to new highs. Even though the silver price and precious metals sentiment have fallen considerably, the market has no clue just how undervalued the shinny metal truly is.
    Very few investors realize that the Dow Jones-Silver ratio back in 1981 was 50/1. Which means, 50 ounces of silver would buy the Dow Jones Index 46 years ago. Today, the Dow Jones-Silver ratio is trading above a staggering 1,200/1. Thus, it takes 1,200 ounces of silver to by the Dow Jones Index today as the ratio is nearly 25 times higher today than it was in 1981.
    Of course, a large percentage of the silver price increase during the 1970’s was due to the Hunt Brothers acquiring a lot of the metal during the decade. However, a great deal of institutions came behind the Hunts and also bought silver during the latter part of the 1970’s. Lastly, we had the typical ‘Brain dead’ public come in and buy at the top. It is so unfortunate that the public doesn’t understand long term investing or wealth preservation. Instead, they buy as much stuff on credit today and then worry about paying for it all tomorrow.

    This post was published at SRSrocco Report on MAY 4, 2017.

  • CryptoGold and Thieving Banksters

    In order for the central bank ponzi scheme of fiat currency to work, especially on a global basis, the central banks learned early on that gold was the enemy of their scheme and, therefore, must be eliminated from the monetary system. The first real step was Executive Order 6102 in 1933. This was just 20 years after the hijacking of the United States.
    This was one of the major first steps to eliminating competing currencies with the Federal Reserve Note / U. S. dollar owned by and sold to the U. S. Treasury through the Federal Reserve Bank.
    I’m ask on a regular basis ‘when is the economic collapse going to happen?’ I answer this question the exact same way every time. You can either look to 1913 when the United States was hijacked by the Federal Reserve System or you can use the 2007-2008 derivatives meltdown that is still ongoing. It is a process, not an event. Below are some of the known steps to keep the power in the hands of the thieving central banks and strip us of all our remaining freedoms, sovereignty and dignity we have left.
    It’s not uncommon for hard money realist to be in the cryptocurrency camp. Personally, I have never been in favor of cryptocurrencies as they play into the hands of the banking cabal. Once the banksters move society to a digital currency and outlaw physical cash our enslavement and permanent indebtedness will be finalized. While there are a number cryptocurrency advocates, that I respect, it seems they are overlooking the fact that central banks are known thieves, liars and have never allowed a currency to compete with their criminal operation. Why would that change simply because of the internet?
    That’s why the guys from bitcoin drive me nuts. Because they think ‘Oh this is how we’re going to be free’. No, you’re prototyping Mr. Globals digital currency. ~Catherine Austin-Fitts Source
    We first reported about a new central bank cryptocurrency in August 2016 – Digital Enslavement – Central Banks Cryptocurrency Has Arrived. This new cryptocurrency was designed specifically for central bank settlements using the blockchain for three of the criminal banks that operate outside of any national sovereignty – these banks are beholding to no one except their owners, the BIS. UBS, Deutsche Bank and BNY Mellon. There are two other entities involved with the development of this cryptocurrency but it appears they are not part of the global enslavement team.

    This post was published at GoldSeek on 2 May 2017.

  • VIX Crashes To 9-Handle For First Time In Over 10 Years

    As Nasdaq melts up faster than Bitcoin, perceived equity market risk has utterly collapsed.
    VIX just hit 9.92 as Nasdaq hit 6,100 (note the most recent low is 9.39 from 12/15/06 and all-time low at 8.89 on 12/27/93)
    VIX just traded with a 9-handle for the first time since Feb 2007…

    This post was published at Zero Hedge on May 1, 2017.

  • Central Banking Warfare Model Readies The Next Step

    The global capacity for debt has reached it’s zenith. So-called developed markets and emerging markets have all reached maximum debt load. Of the all the major countries that impact the global GDP name one that’s not fully levered with debt. I’ll wait here while you look for that needle in a haystack.
    We came into the bail outs. The G7 had levered up. Then we had the emerging markets lever up and they’re finished levering up and now everybody’s levered up.
    There is no place to go. We can go to an equity model and we can optimize bottom-up but that requires a legitimate pricing function. And when you’re trying to run the whole thing with fake intel, fake science, fake news… The harvesting machine needs a new way to dig and digital currency and digital cash is that way. But you need all those countries in the tent and you need the ability to force everybody into a digital system. Source
    The world (tent) must get inline with the idea of global governance and global currency, otherwise, it will not work.
    Cryptocurrencies and all the people who believe this digital illusion is going to somehow save us from the evil banksters are overlooking what I have been saying since bitcoin first came onto the scene – it plays into the hands of the banksters and their desire to move us all to a digital currency. If someone believes for a second that Amazon or any other large multinational corporation that conducts retail business is going to accept bitcoin when they have been instructed not to, they are simply living in a fantasy.
    That’s why the guys from bitcoin drive me nuts. Because they think ‘Oh this is how we’re going to be free’. No, you’re prototyping Mr. Globals digital currency. Source
    If a person thinks the central banks and their digital currency will COMPETE with bitcoin you are not seeing the entire picture. That is not going to happen – EVER. The reason gold was outlawed in the U. S. in the 1930’s was to keep gold from competing with the Federal Reserve Note. Why would anyone believe the Federal Reserve is going to allow a digital form of currency to compete with their wealth transferring mechanism on a large scale?

    This post was published at GoldSeek on 20 April 2017.

  • How to Get Rich Investing in Bitcoin and Emerging Cryptocurrencies

    While I remain bullish on precious metals and believe that prices are headed much higher, it has been my cryptocurrency investments that have generated the most excitement (and profits) lately.
    Precious metals and cryptocurrencies are complementary assets that share many philosophical/political similarities, so I think investors should consider owning both. Let’s put the ‘gold vs. bitcoin’ arguments to rest. I have gold, silver bitcoin and a few of the more promising cryptocurrencies in my portfolio and the returns have been outstanding.
    What type of profit potential exists in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?
    Here is a visual representation of what Bitcoin could buy you over the past few years and what it might be able to buy you in the year 2020. The Lamborghini was not placed there for shock value or a joke. The price of Bitcoin was around $5 in 2012 and is $1,200 today. It has gone up 240X in four years, so if it were to go up another 240X over the next four years, you certainly could purchase a Lamborghini Huracan or just about any other car on the market with your initial $1,000 investment.

    This post was published at GoldStockBull on April 14th, 2017.

  • Gold and Silver Best Performing Assets In Q1, 2017

    – Gold, silver two of the best performing assets in the first quarter of 2017 with gains of 8% and 14% respectively
    – Gold outperforms benchmarks – S&P 500 up 6%, MSCI (All Country World Index) up 6.4% (see tables)
    – Nasdaq and German DAX rise 11.8% and 7.6%
    – Silver best performing currency in quarter
    – Five best performing currencies in Q1 are in order – silver, bitcoin, Mexican peso, Russian ruble and gold
    – Gold’s biggest quarterly gain since Q1 16, when rose 16%
    – Gold has seen gains in 8 of the last 10 first quarters
    – Palladium and platinum gain 17.7% and 5.2% respectively
    – Uncertainty over Trump’s economic and foreign policies and geo-political risks from Brexit and elections in the EU lead to safe haven demand for gold and silver bullion

    This post was published at Gold Core on April 3, 2017.