The EU President Just Labeled America a ‘Threat’ as Bad as Radical Islam

European Union (EU) President Donald Tusk released an open letter this morning to 27 of the bloc’s leaders.
In his letter, Tusk suggested the European Union label longtime ally the United States a ‘threat,’ effectively putting America in a category alongside China, Russia, radical Islam, war, and terror.
But Tusk wasn’t finished with his rhetoric after drafting and releasing this letter…
He then turned his written message into a public speech to deliver just a few moments afterward…
The EU President Suggests Stealing an American Patriotic Adage
From the Estonian capital, Tallinn, the EU president claimed that the first weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency are contributing to the ‘highly unpredictable’ outlook for the bloc, CBS News reported this morning.

This post was published at Wall Street Examiner on January 31, 2017.