Transcanada Responds To Trump Executive Order: Says Keystone XL Will Add $3 Billion To US GDP

In a response filed moments ago by TransCanada, the company said it is currently preparing a follow up application, and will take up President Donald Trump’s invitation to again seek permit for the Keysteon XL pipeline. It further adds that Keystone XL will add more than $3 billion to U. S. GDP and create ‘thousands’ of construction jobs.
Full statement below:
We appreciate the President of the United States inviting us to re-apply for KXL.
We are currently preparing the application and intend to do so. KXL creates thousands of well-paying construction jobs and would generate tens of millions of dollars in annual property taxes to counties along the route as well as more than $3 billion to the U. S. GDP.
With best-in-class technology and construction techniques that protect waterways and other sensitive environmental resources, KXL represents the safest, most environmentally sound way to connect the American economy to an abundant energy resource.

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Near Broke Company Tells Investors To Stop Buying Its Soaring Stock

An obscure Danish penny stock company called Victoria Properties has a lot of investors, and its own management team, dumbfounded after it surged nearly 1,000% in just a matter of days and for no apparent reason whatsoever. Per Bloomberg, the company invests in residential and retail real estate in Germany but a quick review of financials reveals minimal revenue, consistent cash flow burns for several years running, minimal assets and very little remaining cash.
The sudden surge in the company’s stock price even forced management to issue a statement confirming that Victoria’s equity value is “still equal to about zero kroner”…which we assume is just a rough estimate.
‘The management in Victoria Properties wants to make clear that there has been no change in Victoria Properties’ economic conditions and that no plans have been disclosed regarding the company’s future strategy,’ Chief Executive Officer Rasmus Bundgaard said in the stock-exchange announcement. ‘The company’s equity is therefore still equal to about zero kroner.’

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2 Year Treasury Auction Stronger Than “Tailing” Headline Thanks To Surge In Foreign Demand

With no pressure in the repo market anywhere along the curve, there was little probability of a “surprise” squeeze into today’s 2Y auction, and predictably, today’s sale of 2 Year paper closed with a wide tail, printing at 1.21%, some 0.6bps wide of the When Issued 1.204%, which in turn was also well outside of the 1.176% yield the 2Y was trading at just ahead of the auction. This was below the 1.27% in December, but above the 1.085% in November and 0.92% 6 month average.

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As The Economy Deteriorates,The Elite Push Their Agenda As Trump Makes His Move – Episode 1186a

The following video was published by X22Report on Jan 24, 2017
The EU continues to road block the BREXIT plans, now parliament will need to vote. Trump has brought corporate owners together to bring jobs back as the economy falls apart. There is a huge amount of commercial retail in the market. Housing declines. Senate Democrats push a 1 Trillion infrastructure deal on Trump. Trumps Budget director says we are in trouble with this 20 Trillion in debt. Bankers are selling their stocks as quickly as possible to get out of the market. EU says all countries will now get Universal Basic Income. India is in a downward spiral and the cashless society is falling apart.

You’re Buying, They’re Selling: Big Bank Execs Dump $100 Million In Stock As Market Soared

Shortly after the melt-up in US bank stocks began following Trump’s election victory, we noted heavy insider-selling (and options expiration) among Goldman Sachs executives. Well the selling never stopped, as WSJ reports executives at the biggest Wall Street banks have sold nearly $100 million worth of stock since the presidential election, more than in that same period in any year over the past decade.
As we detailed in mid-November, while the mainstream media proclaims the surge in bank stocks as heralding a new dawn in everything-is-awesome-ness for America, we note that insiders at Goldman Sachs sold $205 million of stock since Nov. 8, company filings show.
That’s three times more than the group has sold in any month for at least five years, data compiled by Bloomberg show.
Not a bad week for Cohn, Blankfein, and Viniar…

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What Does the Bible Say About Gold and Silver?

From the gold and silver in Solomon’s temple to heaven’s streets of pure gold, there are more than 700 references to these two precious metals in the Bible. As relevant and desired as gold and silver are today throughout most cultures, they have a much older and timeless context within the Bible. When examining scripture, a reader can draw three critical characteristics about gold and silver: their divine origin, intrinsic value, and monetary quality.
Divine Origin
The first reference to gold is during creation of the world in the second chapter of Genesis.
‘And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads. The name of the first is Pishon: that is it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold; And the gold of that land is good.’
Genesis 2:10-12a
The Bible says God created the world and the elements within it. Gold is depicted as an asset of value.
‘The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the Lord of hosts.’
Haggai 2:8

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Gold at (1:30 am est) $1210.30 DOWN $4.70
silver at $17.15: UNCHANGED
Access market prices:
Gold: $1209.00
Silver: $17.08
The Shanghai fix is at 10:15 pm est last night and 2:15 am est early this morning
The fix for London is at 5:30 am est (first fix) and 10 am est (second fix)
Thus Shanghai’s second fix corresponds to 195 minutes before London’s first fix.
And now the fix recordings:
TUESDAY gold fix Shanghai
Shanghai FIRST morning fix Jan 24/17 (10:15 pm est last night): $ 1237.82
NY ACCESS PRICE: $1217.55 (AT THE EXACT SAME TIME)/premium $10.27
Shanghai SECOND afternoon fix: 2: 15 am est (second fix/early morning):$ 1223.21
China rejects NY pricing of gold as a fraud/arbitrage will now commence fully
London FIRST Fix: Jan 24/2017: 5:30 am est: $1213.30 (NY: same time: $1213.25 (5:30AM)
London Second fix Jan 24.2017: 10 am est: $1216.80 (NY same time: $1217.15 (10 AM)
It seems that Shanghai pricing is higher than the other two , (NY and London). The spread has been occurring on a regular basis and thus I expect to see arbitrage happening as investors buy the lower priced NY gold and sell to China at the higher price. This should drain the comex.
Also why would mining companies hand in their gold to the comex and receive constantly lower prices. They would be open to lawsuits if they knowingly continue to supply the comex despite the fact that they could be receiving higher prices in Shanghai.

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Stop Trading Time for Money: Daniel Answers Your Questions- Relentless Wealth Podcast w/ Alton Hill

The following video was published by FutureMoneyTrends on Jan 24, 2017
Daniel, President of Future Money Trends is back on the show to answer some personal investment questions from viewers as well as poke the brain of Alton to see what he’s learned over the weeks since we started the Relentless Wealth Podcast in December 2016. Personal Lending can get you 11% return, Daniel still hates 401k paradigm, learning & growing and failing vs choosing not to quit are today’s key stops on this journey.

EU – Not China Or Japan – Is The Biggest US Treasury Holder (And This Is Not A Good Sign)

US-centric media are reporting that Japan has become the biggest holder of the US treasuries, surpassing China last month. However, this is true only in regard to single countries. If we consider the European Union member states collectively, then they appear to be the biggest holder of the US treasuries. It has been so almost one year long. Unfortunately, the EU’s holdings are artificially overstated because of some financial havens and they are going in the opposite direction to the trend: up rather than down.
According to the latest data from TIC (Treasury International Capital System), the EU was in possession of $1242 billion of US Treasuries in November 2016, $9 billion more than one month earlier. The EU was the only one from three biggest holders that increased its amount of US treasuries in November, while China and Japan continued to lower their holdings

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Andy Hoffman: Gold & Silver in A Trumpflated World

The following video was published by The Daily on Jan 24, 2017
Sharia law recently added gold to the basket of commodities that are acceptable ribawi for the 1.7 muslims on planet earth. According to Andy Hoffman, there are approximately 400 million that have the ways and means of building wealth and acquiring gold. If we use a small fraction of a percent of 400 million, for example – one tenth of one percent, we find that approximately 4 million new gold bugs could be entering the market. It’s important to note that silver is also part of this basket of ribawi, gold is just the latest to be added. Continue Reading –

Financialization of Rents Gets Taxpayer Guarantees

Government buckles, guarantees rental-home mortgage-backed securities for first time ever. Wall Street wins again.
Invitation Homes, the 2012 buy-to-rent creature of private-equity firm Blackstone, and now owner of 48,431 single-family homes, thus the largest landlord of single-family homes in the US, accomplished another feat: it obtained government guarantees for $1 billion in rental-home mortgage backed securities.
The disclosure came in an amended S-11 filing with the SEC on Monday in preparation for Invitation Homes’ IPO. Invitation Homes bought these properties out of foreclosure and turned them into rental properties, concentrated in 12 urban areas. The IPO filing lists $9.7 billion in single-family properties and $7.7 billion in debt.
Some of this debt will be refinanced with the proceeds from the sale of the $1 billion of government-guaranteed rental-home mortgage backed securities.
The government agency that has agreed to guarantee the ‘timely payment of principal and interest’ of these ‘Guaranteed Certificates,’ as they’re called, is Fannie Mae, one of the government-sponsored entities (GSE) that has been bailed out and taken over by the government during the Financial Crisis.

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Calexit: Record Number Of Californians Support Secession, New Poll Finds

According to a new Reuters / Ipsos poll, a record number of disaffected, Hillary-supporting Californians now support secession from the United States because they’re just so “triggered” by Trump’s victory. If successful, California would become the single largest “safe space” in the world.
Per the poll, 1 in every 3 Californians now support a “peaceful withdrawal from the union,” which is a substantial increase from the 20% who favored such a withdrawal the last time a similar poll was conducted in 2014.
One in every three California residents supports the most populous U. S. state’s peaceful withdrawal from the union, according to a new Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll, many of them Democrats strongly opposed to Trump’s ascension to the country’s highest office.
The 32 percent support rate is sharply higher than the last time the poll asked Californians about secession, in 2014, when one-in-five or 20 percent favored it around the time Scotland held its independence referendum and voted to remain in the United Kingdom.

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The Dollar And Rates Decouple For The First Time Since The Election

Perhaps reports of the Trumpflation rally’s death have been somewhat exaggerated in the past few days. After RBC pointed out yesterday that equity generalists are “increasingly uncomfortable with reflation trades”, this morning we have seen the latest violent inversion in this theme.
As RBC’s Charlie McElligott points out, “after yesterday saw painful ‘stop-outs’ by the leveraged-hordes of UST shorts as the USD came ‘off’ on account of what looks to me the ongoing concerns surrounding President Trump’s ability to implement an alternative to a ‘border-adjusted’ tax system, which had been a core driver of the Dollar’s appreciation thesis, “today we see both US rates reversing higher again with overnight UST weakness following 1) ongoing data trajectory (the strongest Japan Manu PMI print in nearly 3 years alongside the best aggregate Markit Eurozone Manu PMI in series history and another Markit US Manu PMI beat as well) and 2) some intrigue around the pro-reflation $1T Senate Democrat Infrastructure plan proposal. USH (Treasury Long Bond March fut) saw 8000 147/150 put spreads trade earlier, although it should be noted that we are seeing ongoing interest from TLT call buyers hedging for a short-squeeze on account of the significant short-base across UST futs and ED$.”
As McElligott summarizes, “a glimpse at thematic equities today is like a glimpse back to the halcyon days of late Nov / early Dec, as ‘cyc vs def,’ ‘inflation longs,’ ‘high beta’ and ‘value’ factor all work, while ‘low vol’ and ‘growth’ suck wind.”

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Trump Dumps TPP, Obama’s ‘Gold Standard’ Trade Deal

I will renegotiate NAFTA. If I can’t make a great deal, we’re going to tear it up. We’re going to get this economy running again. #Debate
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 20, 2016

So the trade wars have begun. Less than 72 hrs into to his first term, President Donald Trump has wasted no time making good on a number of campaign pledges, including today’s signing of an executive order to pull the US out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal.
The 12 nation deal was dubbed the ‘Gold Standard’ by former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and was supposed to be the high-water mark of ex-President Barack Obama’s economic legacy – continuously championed by Obama and his backers on Wall Street, but was not yet approved by Congress.
The deal was initially designed for the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, Chile and Peru, but plans to extend its corporate reach would eventually include all countries in South America and the Pacific Rim. The other 11 nation signatories will likely move ahead with the deal regardless of the US, but it will be a weaker play in terms of geopolitical leverage.
This latest announcement follows Trump’s inauguration speech, promising from now on to put ‘America First,’ while promoting the anti-globalization mantra of , ‘buy American and hire American.’
Said Trump: ‘We’ve been talking about this for a long time,’ adding that today’s move will be a ‘great thing for the American worker.’

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December Existing Home Sales Plunge Most Since 2009, NAR Blames Rate “Surge” & Record Low Inventory

With spiking mortgage rates, and tumbling mortgage applications, it is hardly surprising that existing home sales tumbled in December but the 2.8% plunge is the biggest since July and is the worst decline for December since 2009.
Larry Yun, NAR chief economist, said that while the housing market had its best year since the Great Recession, it ended on a softer note: “Solid job creation throughout 2016 and exceptionally low mortgage rates translated into a good year for the housing market,” he said. “However, higher mortgage rates and home prices combined with record low inventory levels stunted sales in much of the country in December.” He added that “while a lack of listings and fast rising home prices was a headwind all year, the surge in rates since early November ultimately caught some prospective buyers off guard and dimmed their appetite or ability to buy a home as 2016 came to an end.”

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Limo Destroyed By Anti-Trump Rioters In DC Belongs To Muslim Immigrant, Fears Livelihood Lost

Images of so-called anti-Trump rioters breaking Starbucks’ windows, busting trash cans, and burning bourgeois limousines in the streets of Washington DC really exposed the reality of the alt-left’s tolerance and ‘stuck it to the man’. The only problem being, in the case of the limo, ‘the man’ was Muslim immigrant Muhammad Ashraf whose small business now faces $70,000 losses and an injured employee.
Muhammad Ashraf, the owner of Nationwide Chauffeur Services, spoke with the Washington Examiner’s sister publication, Red Alert Politics, about what happened:

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Existing-Home Sales for 2016 Best in Decade

This morning’s release of the December Existing-Home Sales decreased from the previous month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.49 million units from an upwardly revised 5.65 million in November. The consensus was for 5.52 million. The latest number represents a 2.8% decrease from the previous month and a 0.7% increase year-over-year.
Here is an excerpt from today’s report from the National Association of Realtors.
Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, says the housing market’s best year since the Great Recession ended on a healthy but somewhat softer note. “Solid job creation throughout 2016 and exceptionally low mortgage rates translated into a good year for the housing market,” he said. “However, higher mortgage rates and home prices combined with record low inventory levels stunted sales in much of the country in December.” [Full Report]

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Trump: America For The Americans!

As the patriotic pageantry of Inauguration Day gave way to the demonstrations of defiance Saturday, our new America came into view. We are two nations now, two peoples.
Though bracing, President Trump’s inaugural address was rooted in cold truths, as he dispensed with the customary idealism of inaugurals that are forgotten within a fortnight of the president being sworn in.
Trump’s inaugural was Jacksonian.
He was speaking to and for the forgotten Americans whose hopes he embodies, pledging to be their champion against those who abandon them in pursuit of higher, grander, nobler causes. Declared Trump:
‘For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. Washington flourished, but the people did not share in its wealth. Politicians prospered, but the jobs left and the factories closed.’
Is this not true? American wages have stagnated as scores of thousands of factories were shut down or shipped abroad. Five of the six wealthiest counties in the U. S. today, measured by median household income, are the suburbs of Washington, D. C.

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