The Valium Era

Don’t Be Fooled by These Calm Markets
What is happening in the world of money? Well – the most striking thing is: nothing.
It doesn’t seem to matter what happens. Dysfunction in Washington. Meltdown of the techs. No matter how rough the seas get, the markets glide along… scarcely noticing the storm-tossed waves.
Thankfully the world’s central planners are so well-versed in egging on the creation of an ever greater mountain of debt and seemingly limitless asset price inflation with their ‘scientific’ monetary policy that a complete blow-up of the the financial system only threatens now and then… most of the time we are in ‘moderation’ mode. Nowadays we are in something that feels like a Valium-induced waking dream. It couldn’t be better… volatility has just served up its greatest disappearance act since the end of the last ‘moderation’. What could possibly go wrong?

This post was published at Acting-Man on June 16, 2017.