Fat Chicks Need Not Apply: A Look Inside The Bizarre Interviewing Practices Of South Korea

In the United States, interview questions about a candidate’s physical attributes or family history will quickly earn a company a multi-million dollar lawsuit. Hell, if you so much as look at a millennial the wrong way during a first meeting you might quickly find yourself unemployed for your insensitive microaggression.
But, as Bloomberg points out today, questions about physical appearance and family history, among other bizarre stuff we’ll get to shortly, are a common occurrence for young graduates in South Korea. Take the case of 28-year-old Joo Yerim who was required to provide her height and weight on a recent job application.
When 28-year-old Joo Yerim applied for a job at an art distribution company in Seoul last year, she was required to provide her height and weight on the application. The experience left her angry and frustrated.
‘That has nothing to do with my ability to work,’ said Joo, a university graduate who had interned at similar companies in the U. S.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Aug 11, 2017.