Update from Puerto Rico: People are running out of cash, ATMs aren’t working and groups of looters are posing as police

My friend Adam (not his real name) lives in Puerto Rico and sent me a startling update…
Adam and his family evacuated the island for the hurricane, but he’s been in close contact with his friends who stayed on the ground.
And the situation is bad.
According to his contacts on the ground, people in Puerto Rico are running out of cash. And ATMs aren’t working.
That’s how it happens during a crisis – food, gas, cash (all the things you need most) disappear first.
This is exactly why you keep several months’ worth of expenses in cash in a safe (a little gold helps, too). It’s a simple step you can immediately take to help keep you and your family safe during a crisis… And the tragedy in Puerto Rico shows you that crises do happen.

This post was published at Sovereign Man on September 26, 2017.