Gold Back In Favor?

Those who favor gold usually do so in good and bad times. However, the question: Is gold back in favor? seems especially relevant these days.
Gold Back in Favor? For so-called gold bugs, gold is always in favor. For the rest of us, there are reasons to tilt toward the so-called ‘barbaric relic,’ regardless of whether we like or dislike it.
Some of these reasons are obvious:
Stock valuations seem extraordinarily high. Domestic politics appears to be going nowhere with a President who has both political parties against him. Geo-political events seem especially risky. Korea, China, Russia, Iran etc. all present real threats to peace. Afghanistan looks like it may be ratcheting up, including forays into Pakistan. The dollar, while still King, appears weak enough for dissidents to attack its claim to the throne. The world is awash in debt, debt that cannot possibly be honored in today’s dollars (or other currencies).

This post was published at Economic Noise on August 30, 2017.