It’s The United States of SCAetna Too

I don’t know why I bother, to tell you the truth. There is simply zero outrage over what goes on in corporate America these days, no matter the facts.
And let’s remind of those facts, including that every American family has a middle-class house payment stolen from them every single month.
I just got my “Obamacare” renewal “offer.” The gross increase for their generous offer is +24%. The “net” increase cannot be determined because they can’t yet tell me what the APTC will be. If it was to be the same the “net” increase would be 19,000%.
No, I didn’t mis-type that.
I think it’s rather obvious I won’t be “accepting” their “generous” offer. In a few days I will have the “new” APTC amount available, which I remind you is only available to me because I have decided that I’m not going to work any more for any material amount of money, will live on a much small income level, and this of course means that I don’t buy all the fancy stuff (which by the way included quite a few fancy things over the years in both goods and services) that I used to buy.
Yes, I take the APTC from all of you who still go to work every day to make as much money as you can and thus pay all those taxes. It’s several thousand dollars a year and I make no apology for it. In fact I put my middle finger up toward you daily for you are the ones who could choose to raise hell and withdraw your consent (exactly as I did), and if you did in concert it would force peaceful political change and an end to these scams. Since you choose not to I will instead take the money that you fund the government with and smile in wry bemusement as you mewl out yet another repetition of “Please sir, just the tip this time…..” toward Mordor on the Potomac, smug in the knowledge that just as you didn’t get “just the tip” last time you won’t this time either.

This post was published at Market-Ticker on 2017-10-29.