The Benefits of Living Abroad in Retirement

With the cost of living set on a course of seemingly perpetual increases within the United States, many retirees are looking abroad.
This time on Financial Sense’ Lifetime Income podcast, we spoke with Jennifer Stevens at International Living on the top 10 countries for retirement, and some of the motivations retirees face when making the decision to live outside the United States.
No. 1 Most Attractive Spot
For those seeking to retire and live outside of the US either full-time, part-time or just as a means to invest, it’s never been easier than it is now, Stevens stated, especially when it comes to finding information and staying connected.
After consulting with contributors from around the world, International Living compiled a list of the best places to retire to.
‘Our No. 1 pick for 2017 might surprise people,’ Stevens said. ‘It’s Mexico. I think there are some misperceptions about Mexico out there, but we hope to allay them with our coverage.’
Mexico won this year for a variety of reasons, including its proximity to the United States and the ease of transit between the two countries. However, it’s important to understand that International Living is recommending specific states within Mexico, Steven noted.

This post was published at FinancialSense on 09/05/2017.

The Insanity of Pushing Inflation Higher When Wages Can’t Rise

In an economy in which wages for 95% of households are stagnant for structural reasons, pushing inflation higher is destabilizing.
The official policy goal of the Federal Reserve and other central banks is to generate 3% inflation annually. Put another way: the central banks want to lower the purchasing power of their currencies by 33% every decade. In other words, those with fixed incomes that don’t keep pace with inflation will have lost a third of their income after a decade of central bank-engineered inflation.
There is a core structural problem with engineering 3% annual inflation. Those whose income doesn’t keep pace are gradually impoverished, while those who can notch gains above 3% gradually garner the lion’s share of the national income and wealth. As I showed in Why We’re Doomed: Stagnant Wages, wages for the bottom 95% have not kept pace with official inflation (never mind real-world inflation rates for those exposed to real price increases in big-ticket items such as college tuition and healthcare insurance).

This post was published at Charles Hugh Smith on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 05, 2017.

Former Trump Insiders Predict Paul Manafort Close To Being Indicted For Financial Crimes, Report

It has become increasingly clear in recent weeks that Special Counsel Mueller is intent upon either flipping Paul Manafort against Trump in his ‘Russian collusion’ investigation or filing charges against him for crimes unrelated to the 2016 presidential campaign. Either way, Manafort’s future looks to be dimming.
As the Daily Caller has just revealed in an exclusive report, former Trump campaign aides are now saying that Manafort could be indicted for financial crimes, allegedly including money laundering and/or tax evasion, in the very near future.
Former Trump campaign aides are telling The Daily Caller that they increasingly believe former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort will be indicted for crimes such as money laundering or tax evasion.
One of the former campaign advisers has knowledge of the ongoing investigations into Manafort, a longtime Republican operative who joined the Trump campaign last March. Another former aide said his own knowledge of Manafort’s past history working with despots, coupled with news reports about Mueller’s investigation, led him to believe that an indictment of Manafort is becoming more likely.
The former Trump advisers told TheDC they have no knowledge of any collusion with the Russian government on the presidential campaign. One aide stressed that any financial crimes by Manafort are his own problem and not that of the White House.
‘Ill-informed speculation has become the new Washington parlor game. Despite breathless headlines, it is increasingly clear the Russia Collusion story is eroding,’ Manafort’s spokesman Jason Maloni told TheDC. Maloni declined to comment when asked specifically about financial crimes.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Sep 5, 2017.