Gold And Silver – Fallacy Of East v West And Price Of PMs.

The ongoing draining of gold from West to East is not a sign of deteriorating viability of the globalists and their takeover/total control of the world. The Game remains the same, the controlling elites remain the same, it is only the players that are changing: China, Russia, replacing US, UK/EU.
Take Putin, aka Russia, for example. He has had a long-term association with Heinz [Henry] Kissinger, a higher-tiered ‘gofer’ for the global elites. They met again in early February, when Putin welcomed globalist-NWO-agenda-pusher Kissinger as an ‘old friend, ‘ referring to him as a ‘world class politician.’ Putin embracing a globalist is no accident.
This, in and of itself, reveals how very much Russia now plays an integral role with the elites; not directly, and not as a part of the inside clique, but more as a renegade force that cannot, by the globalists, and will not, by Putin, be denied a place in the forward moving New World Order [NWO].
Says Kissinger, Russia is viewed as ‘an indispensable component of the international order.’ Further, ‘Russia should be perceived as an essential element of any new global equilibrium.’
Kissinger was a leading part of a group that met regularly from 2007-2009 that included high-level officials and military leaders from both sides ‘to overcome crises and exploreprinciples of world order. The US ‘visualized the expansion of an international systemgoverned essentially by legal rules.’
One must be keenly aware of the careful choice of words at this high level of diplomatic interaction.

This post was published at Edge Trader Plus on April 9, 2016.