French Farmers Upset Over Falling Prices, Torch Tax and Insurance Offices, Dump Produce

As a direct result of sanctions on Russia, there is an overabundance of fruits and vegetables in France, Spain, Poland, and elsewhere in Europe. Basic law of supply and demand dictates prices of crops would fall. And they did.
While most foolishly want to stick it to Russia, few actually are willing to pay the price if it affects them.
Here is another case in point: French Farmers Torch Tax Office in Brittany Protest.
French vegetable farmers protesting against falling living standards have set fire to tax and insurance offices in town of Morlaix, in Brittany. The farmers used tractors and trailers to dump artichokes, cauliflowers and manure in the streets and also smashed windows, police said.
Prime Minister Manuel Valls condemned protesters for preventing firefighters from dealing with the blaze.
The farmers say they cannot cope with falling prices for their products.

This post was published at Global Economic Analysis on Saturday, September 20, 2014.

Inaugural Post from ‘The Dissident Dad’ – Explaining Ferguson, Missouri to Your Children

I’ve had the great pleasure to get to know Dan Ameduri, founder of Future Money Trends, over the past several years. While the two of us originally got to know one another through the world of precious metals investing, what I have valued and appreciated most about him is his intellectual flexibility to remain open to new ideas and possibilities for the future.
Many of the topics I discuss on the site take on a particular importance if you have a family. Since I do not yet have children, I thought it would be wise to reach out to Dan Ameduri, a dedicated father, in order to get his unique perspective on important cultural and economic issues. Fortunately for me, he agreed to be a part of Liberty Blitzkrieg’s new Contributors section.
I’ve always been impressed by Dan’s video creation skills, but I have recently discovered he is a very good writer as well. So without further ado, here is his inaugural piece…
The Dissident Dad – Explaining Ferguson, Missouri to Your Children:
One of the toughest questions my 4 year old son has asked me to date is, ‘Are the police good guys or bad guys?’
After depriving him of all TV for the first 2 years of his life, occasionally him and I will sit down on the couch and look for YouTube clips of my favorite super-hero movie scenes. I’ll never forget my son’s face and reaction while watching a scene from the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ where Batman, played by Christian Bale, is being chased on his motorcycle by literally hundreds of police cars. My son turned to me and said, ‘but I thought Batman was a good guy. Daddy, are the police good guys or bad guys?’
Since day one I have taught my children that the government is not our friend; it doesn’t mean government is our enemy, but I have raised them to not have a default trust in any government or its representatives, including the police.

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Give this following first paragraph of the article just a moment of critical analysis – ‘The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has released its first set of recommendations for a coordinated international approach to combat tax avoidance by multinational enterprises, under the OECD/G20 Base Erosion and Profit Shifting Project.’
Man, where is Archie Bunker when you really need him? Even after a night out bowling with the boys he’d be able to see straight through these Red Commie Fags. First of all, it seems to imply that there’s actually something wrong with, as it says, ‘tax avoidance by multinational enterprises’. They seem to be adopting the posture of the proverbial knights in shining armor, rushing in to protect the world from evil capitalism.
Tax avoidance is as hot dog and apple pie as is making a profit from your investment and sweat. Well, I forgot, Amerika is no longer a capitalist country, and making a profit, is apparently unpatriotic, if you listen to communist/totalitarian wings, such as Senator Schumer, or the unelected servant, Treasury Secretary Lew.
Back in the old days, when America was still in existence, avoiding taxes was just one more facet of maximizing profits. Every company, large or small, would dedicate a certain percentage of the budget towards minimizing their tax burden, as it used to be termed. Let’s take it a step further, and come right out and say that every legal entity, or natural person, has a patriotic duty to avoid taxes, to the extent of the law. Thereby legally retaining as much of their hard-earned profits as possible. These retained earnings then, could be reinvested much more efficiently, than each dollar lost to the government via taxation. From my basic understanding of economics, which is probably enough to get by with, considering the Ouija Board fundamentals employed in that particular discipline, I can comfortably say that each dollar of taxes avoided by any citizen, will most certainly be more efficiently re-introduced to ‘society’ than any similar dollar lost to taxation. Conversely, gleefully handing over a single penny to the three-headed monster, in order to mismanage, and in direct contrast to public will, is essentially traitorous.

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It’s no secret the rich are getting richer, and the poor poorer. Accounts of this worsening condition are stroon across mainstream media and alternative news sources alike, albeit with somewhat different storylines. Although increasingly recognizing the importance of this issue, mainstreamers, who both cater to and are controlled by the status quo, portray the condition as a result of race and education differences (which is true), and that these shortfalls should be addressed via public policy (which is not true). And by doing so, they avoid discussing the more profound problem, and the real culprits in this regard, for whom they (think they) are obliged for a living.
Here we are talking about the greedy bastards at the very top, like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, who will do anything, including the hollowing out of the larger economy (think off-shoring, debt enslavement, destruction of the middleclass, etc.), to stay there. In the movieElysium, it was no secret that there was the very rich, and everybody else. However today, this growing reality still escapes most, not that it will matter soon. Because today’s modern empires are built on thrones of debt, meaning they are destined for the same destruction of the surfs in good time. Of course in the meantime they are going to get as much as they can, and if they have robots to control the populations at some point (through fear if not reality), there’s no telling how far the atrocities will extend. First they will use them on foreigners in the larger war machine as justification for their creation, then on us like all the other surplus hardware / ordinance being employed to control the public by increasinglymilitarized police departments across America.
Think it’s bad your liberties have been eroded? They are already killing anybody who steps out of line, with over 400 police shootings per year in the US now the norm apparently, where the robots could be used to do the things humans would object to. Obviously we are years away from this kind of thing, but if the technology were there, based on the way things are going, and in knowing whom we are dealing with, one would be foolish to discount such an outcome completely.

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Government Punishes Savers to Support Debtors – Has Western Society become Fascist?

The entire problem we face going ahead stems from the very idea of Karl Marx that government is capable of managing the economy either through communism or autocratic-socialism where the state dictates to the economy under the pretense of caring for the people, that has truly become a derivative of fascism where the state comes first. This is even reflected in the conviction rate that has risen from 72% in the 1970s to virtually 99% today eliminating fair trials. We also see it taking shape in the militarization of the police that actually do not protect society, but the state from the people. Police have been converted to IRS agents on wheels to raise money by abusing the people for every possible type of traffic violation. In Princeton, New Jersey, they even have signs in a parking lot ‘park head in’. If you back into a parking spot you get a ticket. The actor Alec Baldwin was arrested for rising his bicycle against traffic. Who knew you could even be arrested for such a thing. This is autocratic-socialism where the state pretends its abuse of the people is for their benefit when in fact there is always a profit that falls to them like FATCA and the NSA really looking for money – not terrorists.

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