Is The GOP Tax Cut Finally Priced In? Here’s What Wall Street Thinks

Having passed the Senate, and – moments ago, for the second time – the House, the Republican Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, aka the Trump Tax Cuts is officially a done deal, just waiting for the President’s signature, at which point the longest “rumor” of 2017 will become the news. But does that mean that after “pricing it in” in some part virtually every day of the past year, the market can now sell the news? Or, as exasperated traders would put it, “is it finally fully priced in?”
Indeed, analysts, economics and investors are starting to look beyond the soon-to-be-completed tax overhaul, and judging by today’s reaction, the answer may well be yes as stocks, including tax-sensitive banks, are little-changed amid expectations tax cuts may not boost growth that much, and as likely benefits may already be priced-in to stock prices.
In fact, as Bloomberg adds, the S&P 500 and KBW bank indexes are both little changed, with top bank gainer PNC paring gains of as much as 1.1%; other rising banks include Huntington, Wells Fargo, Northern Trust, and BofA

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Dec 20, 2017.