The Racist Subtext Of Philly’s Ban On Bulletproof Glass In Convenience Stores

Shopkeepers in Philadelphia’s neighborhood convenience stores that serve food and beverages, locally referred to as “beer delis,” face a legal prohibition on the thick glass barriers around cashiers that protect them from stickup artists wielding guns, knives, and other weapons.
Because the shopkeepers predominately are Asian, and the customers (and robbers) are mostly black, this imbroglio looks a lot like a racist quest for vengeance against a commercially successful minority group.
Julie Shaw of the Philadelphia Inquirer provides the details:
Despite strong opposition from Asian American beer deli owners and their supporters, Philadelphia City Council voted, 14-3, Thursday to approve a bill that most members said would enhance neighborhoods, but that the merchants fear could jeopardize their safety and livelihood.
Mayor Kenney’s office said he would sign the bill.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Dec 19, 2017.