Billionaire Tycoon Will Be Next President Of Chile

Newly elected president Piera shares breakfast with president Bachelet and Min. of National Affairs Mario Fernandez, discussing transition of power.
— SantiagoTimes (@SantiagoTimes) December 18, 2017

A billionaire who has been described as one of the world’s wealthiest politicians just won his second non-consecutive term as president of Chile when he defeated his center-left opponent in what observers are calling a landslide victory in Sunday’s election.
As the Washington Post reported, Sebastin Piera, of the right-leaning National Renovation party and conservative Let’s Go Chile coalition, defeated center-left candidate Alejandro Guillier, of the ruling New Majority coalition, by 9 percentage points, turning the current government out of office. Piera previously governed Chile between 2009 and 2014. Turnout increased between yesterday’s vote and a Nov. 19 runoff, as large numbers of conservative voters showed up at the polls, while leftists stayed home.
Guillier conceded and congratulated his opponent on his win and his return to the presidency after a four-year gap, according to the BBC.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Dec 18, 2017.