Digitally Rigged Elections

I have been thinking about the problem of politically rigged computers ever since 1980.
I was first tipped off to this problem by a highly skilled computer programmer. He told me that he could program a computer program that would be used to count the votes in local elections. He said he could program the outcome of the voting. He insisted that this would not be easily discovered. I believed him.
Not long afterwards, I read a book by Adam Osborne, who invented the ill-fated Osborne portable computer: Running Wild (1979). In that book, he warned against two areas of computer technology that could lead to disasters. One of them had to do with interbank transfers of data. He thought the programs could be rigged to favor the siphoning off of large amounts of money by means of tiny amounts in individual transactions. He said that this would not be identifiable. The other area was digitized voting. He said that it would be too easy to rig the computers to elect someone who in fact did not get the most votes.
Here is testimony under oath by a computer programmer who said that he wrote such a program that was used in an election.

This post was published at Gary North on December 15, 2017.