Pound Slides After BOE Holds Rates: Warns Q4 Economy “Slightly Softer”, Sees “Gradual And Limited” Rate Hikes

As previewed moments ago, the BOE decision was rather unexciting, and after its November rate hike – the first in a decade – which many speculated could be a “one and done”, the Bank of England unanimously kept rates unchanged at 0.50% as expected. The lack of dissenters meant this was the first time the nine policy makers have been in agreement since February. The committee also left the BOE’s QE unchanged.
MPC holds #BankRate at 0.50%, maintains government bond purchases at 435bn and corporate bond purchases at 10bn. pic.twitter.com/mrA5UcxxeY
— Bank of England (@bankofengland) December 14, 2017

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Dec 14, 2017.