Michigan Township Blocks Nestle From Bottling, Reselling Its Groundwater

A small Michigan township is making a stand against Nestle, temporarily blocking the company from pumping millions of gallons of groundwater for bottled water. Citizens near Evart, Michigan became outraged when Nestl proposed to build even larger pipelines to increase the flow of water to its plant in Standwood. Global News CA details the local resistance to Nestl’s proposed expansion to collect even more ground water:
The added capacity provided by the proposed booster pump would make it possible for Nestl to extract an estimated 1,500 litres of groundwater per minute, representing more than 4.2 million bottles of water in a 24-hour period. That’s equal to 794 million litres of water annually.
As explained by Global News CA, ‘the company is currently limited to pumping 945 litres per minute, up significantly from its pre-2015 cap of 565 litres per minute.’
Nelson Switzer, Nestl Waters’ chief sustainability officer told the Stamford Advocate, ‘just because we’re putting in the application for 400 [gallons] doesn’t mean it’s going to run at 400 gallons per minute most of the time. Switzer added, ‘the fact is we want to make sure t

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Nov 23, 2017.