Why Rajoy Is Panicking – Last Minute Poll Shows Huge 80% Surge For Catalan Independence

We noted yesterday that “if Catalonia secedes from Spain…in terms of the debt sustainability parameters laid down by the Treaty of Maastricht, it’d be the Eurozone debt crisis 2.0…” and it is clear by the thuggish brutality of Spain’s police that Rajoy will do anything to ensure this vote does not go ahead as the latest poll data shows a massive surge in favor of independence, as government fascism has clearly triggered unintended consequences that look set to spirtal out of control.
As MishTalk.com’s Mike Shedlock notes, numerous sites keep posting stats that claim a majority in Catalonia want a vote but do not support independence. I have stated those polls are old and likely wrong thanks to the pitiful tactics of prime minister Mariano Rajoy. A new last-minute poll suggests I have this correct.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Oct 1, 2017.