Beware – the Equifax Scams Are Coming

Here are some of the scams – and how to protect yourself.
OK, this had to happen. It’s not a surprise. It’s just a fact of life. We live in a world of scammers, and when there is a crisis, for them, there’s opportunity. There are scams and frauds to take advantage of any crisis, its victims, and people trying to do the right thing. The Equifax hack is no exception. And the scams have already started.
‘Don’t panic. But be vigilant,’ suggests Susan Grant, director of consumer protection and privacy at the Consumer Federation of America. ‘With this breach, criminals have everything they need to victimize you.’
I normally don’t post articles about consumer scams. But the Equifax hack has made 143 million Americans more vulnerable. So here are some of the scams you might encounter … and how to deal with them.
Equifax isn’t calling. Someone else is.
‘This is Equifax calling to verify your account information.’ When you hear this on the phone, hang up, says Lisa Weintraub Schifferle, Attorney at the Federal Trade Commission.
‘Don’t tell them anything,’ she says. ‘They’re not from Equifax. It’s a scam. Equifax will not call you out of the blue.’

This post was published at Wolf Street on Sep 19, 2017.