Fearful Californians Prepare For A Nuclear Attack: “A Lot Of People Will Be Killed”

With each passing day and each new ICBM launch from a seemingly unhinged North Korean dictator, the fears of an attack on the U. S. mainland, though faint, increasingly weigh on the hearts and minds of Americans, particularly those in California. As The Guardian points out today, those fears have even prompted a group of California public health officials and emergency responders to gather for a strategy session with Hal Kempfer, a retired marine lieutenant colonel, to discuss which areas are the most likely targets and how citizens should respond to an attack.
Hal Kempfer, a noted international security expert, is getting a roomful of California public health officials and emergency responders to think about the unthinkable – a nuclear bomb exploding at the port of Long Beach, about four miles away.
‘A lot of people will be killed,’ he said, ‘but a large percentage of the population will survive. They will be at risk and they will need help.’
‘If you want to mess up southern California, if you want to mess up the west coast, if you want to mess up our country – where do you attack?’ Kempfer asks. ‘If I’m sitting in North Korea and looking at possible targets, I’m going to be looking at Long Beach very closely.’

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Sep 15, 2017.