So About ‘Dem Norks….

The problem with drawing red lines is that when someone steps over one you are compelled to act on pain of being labeled a “pussy.”
That’s not a good thing when the topic is international relations; it inevitably leads to not only more provocation but much worse, it leads others to believe you won’t act when you say you will, and thus you become an unreliable party.
It is never in the best interest of a nation to be unreliable. Unpredictable can be an asset in certain circumstances, but never unreliable.
So now, with the Norks setting off what was probably a multi-stage (fusion/fission) weapon, that is “hydrogen bomb”, we have a big problem.
The claim has been made through the years that North Korea will not be “permitted” to become a nuclear weapon state.
It just did — so what are we going to do about it?

This post was published at Market-Ticker on 2017-09-03.