Hurricane Harvey Looters Targeting Fuel Tanks As Google Searches For “How To Siphon Gas” Soar

Texas resident Joe Roan woke up to a rather unpleasant surprise yesterday morning as he discovered the remnants of a would-be thief attempting to steal gasoline from his Jeep Wrangler tank. Unfortunately, as a local CBS affiliate pointed out last night, with refinery outages resulting in growing gasoline shortages, this is becoming a rather common occurrence for Texas residents.
Joe Roan didn’t witness the crime, but he found the evidence in his driveway. ‘I came outside this morning and found this water hose was sticking out,’ he said, holding the hose a thief left hanging out of his Jeep’s tank.
On the ground sat a gas tank.
‘Instantly I knew someone was trying to steal my gas,’ he said. ‘Maybe a car drove by when they were doing it and they ran? I don’t know.’
Roan said the thief didn’t even manage to get any fuel.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Sep 1, 2017.