Arkema Releases List Of Toxic Chemicals Stored At Doomed Texas Plant, Warns “More Fires” Imminent

One day after two explosions rocked its flooded plant in Crosby, Texas, French chemicals giant Arkema said it was on “high alert” as more fires could start at the doomed facility at any moment, according to VP of US manufacturing Daryl Roberts who spoke to reporters on Friday morning. In a separate statement, that company said that “we continue to monitor the temperature in the remaining trailers and there is evidence suggesting that other trailers will soon burn, but there have been no reports of any fires or smoke.”
Residents in the vicinity of the Crosby plant, and not only, have grown especially worried about the chemicals contained in the plant, which until recently was only known for holding various forms of organic peroxides. While Arkema executive Richard Rennard said in a press conference Thursday morning that the plant was emitting “noxious” smoke, he would not respond to a question as to whether the smoke from the burning substances was toxic. Incidentally, the following clip shows what happens to the substance if not cooled properly.
@CoolHandLukeX1 This is what organic peroxide can do if not properly cooled #Crosby #Arkema plant fire & explosion
— Woman Voter (@WomanVote) August 31, 2017

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Sep 1, 2017.