Mnuchin Visits Fort Knox, Says “Gold Is Safe”

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had a busy day today: shortly after warning once again that a US debt ceiling deal has to be done by late September or else the country would run out of cash and suffer a technical default, roughly around the time he hinted that Trump may keep carried interest tax breaks for some firms that create jobs (while eliminating it for hedge fund managers), the former hedge fund manager and Hollywood producer paid a rare official visit to Fort Knox to check out the nation’s gold stash on Monday, while – as Bloomberg put it – keeping an open mind for future film projects.
‘I assume the gold is still there,’ Mnuchin told an audience in Louisville, Kentucky some 40 miles north of the biggest U. S. Bullion Depository (except of course for the foreign gold stash at the NY Fed). ‘It would really be quite a movie if we walked in and there was no gold.’ It’s unclear if Mnuchin was envisioning a comedy or a drama.
After the visit, Mnuchin who was the first US Treasury Secretary to visit Fort Knox in nearly 70 years, “playfully” reassured Americans the treasure was still secure.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Aug 22, 2017.