Two-Thirds Of Rising Global Growth Is Due To Emerging Markets, And 9 Other Interesting Facts

For all the talk about a “coordinated global recovery”, it may come as a surprise that 57% of the acceleration in global GDP this year has come from a handful of commodity exporters (those whose food/metals/fuel exports are > 40% of total), which together combine for just 17% of global GDP growth. A slightly different way of looking at the same data, is that 66% of the global acceleration in GDP is due entirely to emerging markets.
Another way of representing the dramatic reliance on Emerging Markets for global economic growth: in 2017 the EM vs DM contribution to growth was split roughly 75%/25%, while as shown in the charts below, the gap between EM and DM manufacturing PMIs is at an all time high!

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Aug 4, 2017.