Seasonal Opportunity Knocks with Gold to S&P 500 Ratio Near All-Time Low: GSB Weekly Review for July 27

** News and Nonsense Nonsense: Russia and Putin are the Cause of … nearly every problem we can name. Or is the ‘Blame Russia Thing’ a diversion?
Sanctions on Russia: From Mish: ‘Make America Safe: Put Congress on Permanent Recess’
From Zero Hedge: ‘House Passes Veto-Proof Russia Sanctions Deal’
The real reasons for sanctions on Russia:
‘The bill is aimed specifically at the Nord Stream 2 project, with BP and Shell as the largest European partners, and which the US considers as detrimental to its interests.’
‘…the controversial Nord Stream 2 project, which pans to get Russian gas directly to Germany through the Baltic Sea…’

This post was published at GoldStockBull on July 27th, 2017.