BIll Gross: Beware The “Unknown Consequences Lurking In The Shadows”

Starting off with two macabre examples of extreme behavior – one man who can’t stop eating and another one who can’t start – in his latest monthly letter Bill Gross says that “monetary policy in the post-Lehman era” has become the modern equivalent of gluttony: “they can’t seem to stop buying bonds, although as compulsive eaters and drinkers frequently promise, sobriety is just around the corner.”
Pointing out a number we discussed just yesterday, Gross notes that “to date, since the start of global Quantitative Easing, over $15 trillion of sovereign debt and equities now overstuff central bank balance sheets in a desperate effort to keep global economies afloat.” What Gross is referring to, of course, is the chart we showed just yesterday in “The Most Dangerous Moment”: Why Every Bank Is Suddenly Talking About Q3 2018”

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Jul 20, 2017.