Nomi Prins: Easy Money Policy Allows for Another Crisis

Nomi Prins joined The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan in Tokyo to discuss the banking landscape and state of financial regulations in the Trump era. The central bank historian and financial expert also took a deep dive into the shifting relations between the United States and Japan and what easy money policy has meant for financial markets.
The author began the discussion noting that, ‘A lot of things have happened in the past months in particular within finance and trade alliances amongst countries in the Trump era.’
Speaking on the recent gathering of world leaders Prins’ notes, ‘One of the things that came out of the G20 is whether it is America last in terms of the alliances occurring today. The American first policy is pushing new diplomacy and agreements with countries that have not spoken with one another in the past. This is happening for two reasons. One, from a standpoint of protecting the commonality of the world. It is filling the gap between receding powers versus rising power. Two, it is an anti-protectionist move.’

This post was published at Wall Street Examiner on July 13, 2017.