“Fast-Forward On The Decline Of America” – Australian Reporter’s Anti-Trump Tirade Goes Viral

Chris Uhlmann, the political editor at the government-funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation, is now a ‘celebrity’ worldwide after his anti-Trump tirade live on Aussie TV went viral on Twitter.
As The Hill reports, his blistering critique began by calling Trump an ‘uneasy, lonely, awkward figure’ who had ‘no desire and no capacity to lead the world’ in a two-minute report from the streets of Hamburg after the summit wrapped up.
Uhlmann went on to say…
“Donald Trump has pressed fast forward on the decline of the United States as a global leader.”
“Some will cheer the decline of America, but I think we’ll miss it when it’s gone – and that’s the biggest threat to the values of the West, which he claims to hold so dear.”

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Jul 9, 2017.