Why You Need To Own Physical Gold & Silver In 2017 | Stay Ahead Of The Curve – Golden Rule Radio

The following video was published by McAlvany Financial on Jun 22, 2017
You need to own physical gold & silver in 2017! By diversifying your portfolio into tangible metals on a regular and consistent basis, you protect your wealth from governments and central banks. These governments, central banks, & bail-in policies are destroying the currency you have worked so hard for. Every day fiat currencies lose more and more value. Be ahead of the curve and begin adding precious metals to your portfolio today. We’ll cover the price movements of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, The DOW Jones Industrial and the warning signals that the DOW Transports are showing; look for a correction in the future. Crude oil down again signals further weakness that investors need to be aware of. Thanks for listening.