Mayor Bloomberg: Democrats Will Lose In 2020 Because “Party Is Going To Be Torn Apart”

Last night, in CNN and Anderson Cooper’s effort to desperately avoid discussing the Democratic debacle unfolding in Georgia, Cooper decided to pivot his discussion with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to focus on the 2020 election cycle. We can only imagine the thought process: ‘ignore Georgia, surely there must be some silver lining for Democrats if we just look far enough out on the horizon, right Mike?’
Unfortunately, Bloomberg didn’t offer up the reassurances that Cooper, and his employer, were so desperately seeking. Instead, he pegged Trump’s re-election odds at 55% and predicted the entire Democratic party would be in complete disarray by the time the next election cycle rolls around.
Cooper: “I think recently you gave the chance that Trump would be re-elected of 55%.”
Bloomberg: “Yeah, sure. The incumbent always has an advantage.”
‘And the Democratic Party is going to be torn apart by the left and the centralists.”
Of course, after Wikileaks’ DNC leaks exposed the complete corruption of the DNC, which went to great lengths to undermine the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, the real question isn’t whether the Democratic party will suffer the consequences of a deeply divided electorate, but rather why that division hasn’t already manifested itself in the form of a deep party restructuring.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Jun 21, 2017.