AI Predicts Next US Recession to Start in 2019

March 2019 is the current target date for the next US recession, says a machine-learning “forecasting engine” developed by San Diego-based Intensity Corporation. Intensity boasts a number of very large tech firms as clients – Apple, IBM, Microsoft, and others – and is itself comprised by a team of data scientists, statisticians, and econometrically-minded PhDs.
In a recent interview with Financial Sense Insider, two of Intensity’s Vice Presidents, Ray Bamford and Irina Telyukova, discussed their real-time forecasting model, how it compares to professional human forecasters, and how, as you’ll hear in the following clip, AI is being applied to forecasting and large-scale investing.
Intensity’s Engine
‘Our forecasting platform, broadly defined … is an engine that relies on continual model updating,’ Telyukova said, as well as continual ‘model selection and model combination.’
The engine is designed to deliver forecasts that are based on large sets of data of different kinds and be responsive to the economy and market conditions in real time, she added.

This post was published at FinancialSense on 05/15/2017.