Emmanuel Macron Elected President Of France With 65% Of The Vote: Live Feed

Highest level of 2nd round abstention since 1969 #Presidentielle2017 pic.twitter.com/XQw3aqhPMA
— AFP news agency (@AFP) May 7, 2017

Live Feed from France 24:
After an extraordinary election campaign full of twists and turns, Emmanuel Macron won a dramatic victory over Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election, taking 65% of the vote, with Le Pen collecting just over a third according to estimates from four separate French pollsters. Macron, 39, will become the youngest president of France’s Fifth Republic.
As BBG notes, the firms sampled real votes as they were being counted and weighted their results to reflect the composition of the French electorate. Their projections were all within 1 percentage point. Indeed, all early polls all show Macron with at least 65% of the vote:
Elabe: 65.9% Ifop: 65.5% Ipsos: 65.1% Kantar: 65.0%

This post was published at Zero Hedge on May 7, 2017.