The Balance of Gold and Silver – Precious Metals Supply and Demand

Orders of Preference
Last week, we discussed the growing stress in the credit markets. We noted this is a reason to buy gold, and likely the reason why gold buying has ticked up since just before Christmas.
Many people live in countries where another paper scrip is declared to be money – to picture the absurdity, just imagine a king declaring that the tide must roll back and not get his feet wet when his throne is placed on the beach – not real money like the US dollar.
Holding back the tides is serious business… apart from his odd obsession with the waves, King Cnut the Great, son of Sweyn Forkbeard, King of all England and Denmark and the Norwegians and of some of the Swedes, is reportedly known to historians as the most effective Danish King England ever had [PT] It should be obvious, but we have seen much disinformation out there promoting the idea that the dollar is collapsing. Most of the time, most of these people buy dollars as the escape hatch from their native currencies.
They buy the dollar first, and gold (for now) is a distant second.

This post was published at Acting-Man on April 3, 2017.