Tomorrow’s Ten-Baggers From Jay Taylor

Jay Taylor’s Gold Energy & Tech Stocks Newsletter has unearthed some huge winners lately. Here’s an excerpt from his weekly update that concludes with three top junior gold miners.
The Crack-up Boom Is Ending and That’s Very Bullish for Gold Straight out of the Ten Commandments was ‘Thou shalt not steal’! But massive robbery has been institutionalized by the petrodollar orchestrated by Kissinger after Nixon defaulted on the U. S. obligations under Bretton Woods. With that, the ruling elite pulled off the biggest heist by far in human history. By combining America’s military power with the petrodollar, not only did it enable the U. S. to rob the rest of the world with its fake currency – the dollar – it also paved the way for our eventual ruin. Like a drug addict that gets addicted to crack cocaine, the American Military Industrial Complex and other government entities became addicted to never-ending greater and greater government expenditures. But there is one problem with the fiat dollar and that is that it is itself a big fat lie. The dollar has no value. It is not backed by anything of value. In fact it is manufactured by debt and as such contains value only to the extent debts can be repaid.

This post was published at DollarCollapse on JANUARY 22, 2017.