Time’s Up

It is no longer a matter of words.
The transfer of power, which our nation has undertaken 44 times in succession using votes, words and oaths, has been completed.
You are probably feeling either elated, dismayed, horrifyingly*****ed off or ready to commit suicide.
All of that is folly.
During the previous 8 years, which many believed was going to augur in a new age for America of equality and progress for all, you got none of the above. The national debt, which I remind you only has value because you are willing to go to work in the morning and pay taxes, doubled during those eight years. In “real” terms (if you believe government statistics — that is, you don’t buy food, fuel, medical care or anything similar) you have a lower income. There are nearly a third more people on food stamps. Seven million more American live in poverty today than did in 2009.
You may be “thankful” for Obamacare if you couldn’t get “insurance” before, but in point of fact you ought to be*****ed. You ought to be*****ed off because you shouldn’t need health insurance for anything other than a catastrophic event you could not reasonably foresee, such as cancer, and the cost of everything medical, including cancer treatment, should be anywhere from a fifth to a tenth of what it is today.
You may be “thankful” for more college loans but in fact you shouldn’t need them at all. You used to be able to flip pizzas to pay for college, and the reason you can’t today is those loans. Calculus, literature, physics, chemistry, history, political sciences — these things have not suddenly gotten more-complicated or expensive by a factor of ten.

This post was published at Market-Ticker on 2017-01-20.