Markets Shudder Under Threat of Hard Brexit

Theresa May has been the conservative leader and Prime Minister of the UK for just over 6 months following the Brexit vote in June of last year. Since then, the discussion over just how the UK might go about the Brexit from the European Union has left markets, the pound sterling and multinationals focused on trade in the dark.
That is all about to change.
The Prime Minister will meet in front of a scattered mix of government members, press and European diplomats at London’s Lancaster House to outline Brexit priorities going forward on Tuesday. The house was once the location in which the UK signed over independence to Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia), Malaya and began negotiations with South Africa to become a republic – so it is only fitting that such a public speech would take place in front of the London mansion.
Prior to the scheduled speech, Mrs. May had only given one major public address covering Brexit and expectations, while standing in front of her fellow conservative party members. There she announced that she would be working toward EU migration controls and directly working toward the legalities surround the European Court of Justice.

This post was published at Wall Street Examiner on January 16, 2017.