Surmount Impending Markets Shocker to Profit And Protect

Deepcaster has, from its founding ten years ago, aimed to provide Investors Truth about the Economy and Markets so far as we could determine it. Not an easy job given the deluge of Bogus Official Numbers and Mainstream Media Spin or outright distortion or Censorship.
Fortunately, there are Alternative Sources of Accurate Information.
Well, an examination of the Real Economic Numbers and Key Market Realities today leads to a Startling Conclusion. Soon in 2017 we expect Investors to experience a Great Shocker – a Great Profit Opportunity for the Cognoscenti, and a Great Threat to the Wealth of the Unknowing.
To consider the Great Shocker and see the Opportunities and Threats it presents we need first to summarize Key Economic and Markets Realities.
—– The International Economy is burdened with all-time-record levels of both Sovereign and Business Debt. Over $150 Trillion according to the IMF.
Thus any significant Increase in Interest Rates will cause increasing Defaults and Bankruptcies – a phenomenon already occurring in the Energy Industry.
But Interest Rates have already begun to Increase – from 1.5%ish for the U. S. 10-Year Treasury just a few months ago to 2.4%ish as we write. And Real Consumer Price Inflation has NOW shot up to 9.4% (Shadowstats Chart Below).

This post was published at GoldSeek on 13 January 2017.